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Basic Information

Description: A supernova is a very rare magical mote that will not only heal you in battle, it will also damage the opponent with a beam of light and fire! This powerful mote will only work once though so use it wisely! One Use.
Estimated Price: 34 NP (Last Priced: 10 minutes ago by DarKside)
Rarity: 75
Restocks in: Magic Shop for approximately 1,310 NP (Last spotted: approx. 5 minutes ago)
Estimated Profit: -1,276 NP


Price Trend

Shop Owners

dance_rocker (8 NP), dragorath (30 NP), doofgurki (100 NP), dandhe (165 NP), dani_14 (200 NP), dchamp_rapper (200 NP), deargeorge (200 NP), devilchild_1987 (200 NP), quesadillah (200 NP), danathrowdown (250 NP), dana_1900 (250 NP), destinyravenhart (250 NP), dissenthemainstream (250 NP), doodler999 (250 NP), dosesnmimosas (250 NP), queenbee377 (250 NP), darth_shebbs (290 NP), darthbicho94_7 (300 NP), delaneyreyn (300 NP), dongji1229 (300 NP),

Past Restocks (beta!)

Today, 02:41 PM, Today, 12:31 PM, Today, 06:13 AM, Today, 01:02 AM, Today, 12:28 AM,