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[Guide] Training Cost Analysis 2014 Version

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Posted 29 July 2014 - 02:48 PM

Original guide was done by ElPinapple.

Found: http://www.neocodex....-cost-analysis/


The New BD changed quite a few things, so I decided to update prices and add a few items, but it will follow the same general format.

Feel free to skip to the summary section towards the end for a quick recap.



Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy

Level 10 and Under: 1 dubloon - 850 NP / Stat

Level 11 - 20:           2 dubloons - 1250 NP / Stat

Level 21 - 30:           5 Dubloons - 3600 NP / Stat

Level 31 - 40:           5 Dubloons - 3600 NP / Stat


Mystery Island Training School

Level 21 and Under: 1 Codestone - 3.8K NP/ Stat

Level 21 - 41:            2 Codestones - 7.6K NP / Stat

Level 41 - 80:            3 Codestones - 11K NP / Stat

Level 81 - 100:          4 Codestones - 15K NP / Stat

Level 101 - 120:        5 Codestones - 19K NP / Stat

Level 121 - 150:        6 Codestones - 23K NP / Stat

Level 151 - 200:        7 Codestones - 27K NP / Stat

Level 201 - 250:        8 Codestones - 30K NP / Stat


*Used average of 3.8k to calculated codestone prices

Prices may vary depending on the codestones asked (ex: EO cost much more than Mau codestone)


Secret Ninja Training School

Level 251 - 299: 1 red codestone - 18.2K

Level 300 - 399: 2 red codestones - 36.4k

Level 400 - 499: 3 red codestones - 54.6k

Level 500 - 599: 4 red codestones - 72.8k

Level 600 - 749: 5 red codestones - 91K

Level 750+:        6 red codestones - 109.2K


Stat Increasers*:

* Some items may not guarantee an increase in stats. Averages will be listed


7th Birthday Cake Slice #1: 


1 Cap


7th Birthday Cake Slice #2

+3 movement

1 cap


7th Birthday Cake Slice #3

+2 Str

1 Cap


Altador Strength Potion

+5 Str


80k / Stat


Armoured Negg

+1 Def


45k / Stat


Basic Power Negg

+0-1 Def


N/A (No averages can be obtained)


BBQ Porkwich

+1 Def

50 – 90K

50 -90k / Stat

*Item has inflated due to “Bread” being retired. How do you retire bread?!?


Bomberry Elixir

+0-1 Def, Average of 0.325


98.5k / Stat


Bubbling Fungus

+ -6 to 6 Strength, Average of 1.7


35k / Stat


Bullseye Potion

+ -3 to 3, Average Unknown


N/A (No averages can be obtained)


Cool Negg

+1-2 levels, +1-3 HP, + 1-3 Agility, +1-3 strength


55K-150K / Stat (No averages obtained)


Cooling Balm of the Warrior

+0-2 Def


N/A (No averages were obtained)

*May beat armoured negg IF average > 0.35


Elixir of Leveling

+0-2 Levels


N/A (No averages were obtained)


Energising Elixir

+0-2 HP, Average of 0.2


500k / Stat


Essence of Drackonack

+0-2 Strength, Average of 0.45


44.5K / Stat


Essence of Mortog

+ 0-3 Strength


N/A (No averages were obtained)


Queen Faerie Negg

+ 1 HP

150K (57 Negg Points * 2.6K per negg)

150K / Stat


Ferocious Negg

+ 1-3 Strength


N/A (No Averages were obtained)


Greater Earthen Potion

+2 Strength (also +2 intelligence)


50K / Stat (doesn’t factor in intelligence)


Illusens Forest Essence

+0-3 Movements, Average of 0.6


133K / Stat


Irritable Genie-In-A-Bottle

+1-2 Levels

550k +

550k-1mil (No averages were obtained)


Jar of Forest Earth

+0-10 Strength, Average if 1.23


60K / Stat



+1HP or +1 Level

135K (52 Negg Points * 2.6k)

135k / Stat


Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

+2 Levels, +2 Strength, +2 Defense, +2 HP


Only 1.25 mil per stat


Kauvaras Potion

+1 level, +1 strength, +1 defense, +2 HP


90k / Stat


Kaylas Super Special Potion

+0-1 level, +0-1 defense (No averages)


N/A (No averages were obtained)


Level Up Shroom

+1 Level

No price found



Magic Power Mushroom

+1HP OR +1 Strength OR +1 Level

No Price found



Meridellian Potion of Defence

+0-3 Defense


N/A (No averages were found)


Mummified Scroll

+1-3 HP AND -1-3 Movement


250-750K / Stat (doesn’t factor in stat loss) (No averages were found)

* Can only be used ONCE per pet


Muntando Fruit

+0-1 HP


N/A (No averages were found)


Negg of Purity +1

+0-1 Defense


N/A No averages were found

*MAY beat armoured negg IF average > 0.25      


Neovian Strength Potion

+4 Strength


75K / Stat


Potion of Strategic Maneuvers

+ 2 strength and + 2 movement


75K / Stat for only str, 37.5K / Stat for str and movement

*Can be obtained lower @ 120k


Power Negg

+1 Strength

200K (79 * 2.6K)

200k / Stat


Purple Spotted Shroom

+1 HP OR +Strength OR No Stat Increase


N/A (No averages were obtained)


Rainbow Swirly Potion

+2 level (and changes color)

1 mil

500k / Stat

*Information may be Inaccurate


Scroll of Ancients

+1 Strength, +1-2 Movements, (and +2 Intelligence)


250k / Stat (doesn’t include movement of int) 83-125K / Stat (doesn’t include int)


Scroll of the Warrior

+1-3 Def, -1-3 movement, -0-1 intelligence


38k-115K / Stat (doesn’t factor stat loss) (no averages were obtained)


Silver Knight Negg

+1-2 Def

190K (72 Negg Points * 2.6K)

95k – 190K / Stat (no averages were obtained)



+2-3 HP, +2-3 Movement

330K (126Negg Points *2.6)

N/A (No averages were formed)


Sorcerers Potion Set

+0-2 Strength, +0-2 Defense


N/A (No averages were obtained)


Spiked Negg

+2-3 HP

500K (195 Negg Points * 2.6K)

167 -250K / Stat


Strength Serum

+1-4 Strength, Average of 1.32


Average of 227K / Stat


Strength Shroom

+1-3 Strength

No Price Obtained



Super Fast Shroom

+1 Movement

No Price Obtain



Super Negg

+1 Level, +1-3 HP, +1-3 Movement

546k (210 Negg Points *2.6)

78K-182K / Stat (includes movement)


Super Strength Potion

No stat increase OR +6 Strength (4% chance)


936K / Stat

*May be inaccurate


Therapeutic Swamp Water

No Stat increase OR +1Level, +1Defense

No Price Obtained



Twisted Potion of Strength

+-5 to 5 Strength


N/A (no averages were obtained)


Vortex Negg

+ -1 to 1 HP (may change Neopet Color)

62.5K (24 Negg Points * 2.6)

N/A (No Averages Obtained)


Witchy Negg

May Raise random stats (and change gender/color/species)

125K (48 Negg Points * 2.6)

N/A No averages obtained


Phew! That took a while.


Other Notable Mentions


Kitchen Quests: Can award stats randomly to ANY of your pets (best to have only 1 if you want to exploit Kitchen Quest)


Dice-A-Roo: Can randomly reward pet level ups (need confirmation on this, since I feel like I just made this up)


Faerie Quests: You don’t get to pick when or which quest you receive, but they are all generally worth it.


Faerie Quest Cookies (100NC): Receive 1 Guaranteed quest every day for 7 days.


Training Cookies (125 NC): 30-75% reduced training time for 5 days


Lab Ray: May randomly increase of decrease stats, but net gain would be increase (I also probably made this up) due to abundance of “lab rats”


Lab Ray Fortune Cookie: Awards 1-3 random zaps for 7 days.


Summary Section


Notable Stat Increasers have been highlighted.


For quickest and cheapest training: train only level until pet is 250. Then, level up HP, strength, and defence for 1 red codestone (with training time of only 3 hours)


For Most Balanced training: Train pets at a 1:2:2:2 ratio (Level:HP:Str: Defence) starting at the Swashbuckling Academy until level 40. Only transfer to Mystery Island School after 40 (as it takes longer and is more expensive)


For a mixture of balance and speed: Use the 1:2:2 ratio (ignoring defence) until pet graduates form swashbuckling academy. Afterwards, train 1:2:2 at mystery school until Pet has level 75, 150Hp, and 150 Strength.

Next, train neopet up to level 100 and Strength up until 200.

This ensures that the pet has enough HP to survive most BD challengers. 200 Str also gives the 4.5 multiplier to icons

From then, train level until 250. Train other stats once pet is at level 250.


For Stat increasers:  the most cost effective time to use stat increasers is when the training cost is 2 codestones (average cost of 36K) or over.


For Strength: Bubbling Fungus is the most efficient.

*Be warned that this item can give negative stats. The AVERAGE is 1.7. The more you buy (100+), the closer you will be to the average.

The essence of drackonack can be used to ensure no stat drops (for a little bit higher cost)


For Defence: The armoured Negg gives the most bang-for-the-buck (unless we obtain more data from Negg of Purity +1 or Cooling Balm of Warrior)


For HP: Stat increasers do not pay off, but Queen Faerie Negg would be the cheapest.

If you have spare NC items, you can opt to trade for cake slice #1 (getting harder to find).


For Movement: Not really necessary in BD, but Potion of Strategic Maneuvers or Illusens Earthen Potion are viable options.


Please keep in mind that these are averages, so data may not always be accurate.

Also, keep in mind that databases don't have complete information on items such as Negg of Purity +1 and Cooling Ointment. They MAY be more cost effective only if their averages are greater than the 0.25 and 0.35, respectively. However, I don't know their averages.


Also, please feel free to point out any mistakes or wrong calculations.


Any help cleaning this up is appreciated!

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Posted 29 July 2014 - 03:36 PM

Thanks so much, off the back of this guide, 50 bubbbling fungus yielded 69 (LOL) strength points. 


Great guide. 

#3 wushugushu

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 05:34 AM

Awesome information that ive been using to find shortcuts for getting my pet trained


Thanks so much

#4 Fourjacks

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 07:53 AM

Thank you very much for this great guide.

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 03:56 PM

Great guide! thank you - 

#6 Shannon

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 05:55 PM

Awesome guide. I think I'll take the quick and cheap route with my next BD pet~

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Posted 25 August 2014 - 08:47 AM

I just bought ten Cooling Balm of the Warrior for around 80k trying to earn an easy +1 on DEF and I didn't get any boost from any of the 10. I bought five Essence of Drackonack for around 75k and got +3 strength.

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Posted 29 December 2014 - 09:14 AM

Thanks for this summary!



Lab Ray: May randomly increase of decrease stats, but net gain would be increase (I also probably made this up) due to abundance of “lab rats”


According to neocodex's statistics, the lab ray is likely on average to lower your defence and level slightly, but increase health, strength, and speed.

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