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Do you tip?

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#101 Tidus

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Posted 29 May 2016 - 03:38 PM

I always tip. Even though if a waitress/waiter doesn't meet the 7.50/hr minimum, the restaurant has to cover the difference, I still tip on top. The only time I won't tip is if the server is a complete shit bag. Which is extremely rare tbh.

#102 saudia

  • A whole new wooooorld

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Posted 30 May 2016 - 08:12 AM

I tip! One of my friends was a waitress and she told me they literally make money from tips so I always make sure that I tip a decent amount.

#103 Tidalzombies

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Posted 30 May 2016 - 09:26 AM

It's a constant internal struggle. In the US, I always tip 15-20%, no matter what. But where I am in Europe, I feel like absolute shit if I don't tip my server and wasteful/un-frugal if I do.

#104 luna194

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Posted 30 May 2016 - 08:47 PM

Being black in the US if I don't tip then I'm stereotyped, so I always tip even when I get crappy service. 

#105 lalalizzy

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 01:11 PM

I live in the US and waited tables for a year so I'll tip 20% unless the service is really bad... Sometimes I'll tip high if I notice the server is having a bad day but still trying really hard. 

#106 Paprika

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Posted 02 June 2016 - 04:10 AM

i live in australia, and our waiters/waitresses get a pretty decent salary, so i usually don't tip. we just don't have that culture here.


if i see a tip jar though, i'll def toss some coins in!

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