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What's your favourite "Make a list guys" thread from the past year?

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Posted 25 July 2017 - 08:14 AM

If I remember correctly in the crazy bullshit knowledge I had of Codex and its workings, everyone did get their post count reset a long, LONG time ago, but it was so long ago that Waser and Joe still had over 22k posts each when Joe asked for his post count to be reset again lately (~2 years agoish).
You can't find older posts by looking through user's profiles, but if you use the advanced search function to search by author with older date ranges, you can find them.
I don't remember exactly why you did it, Joe, but I think it had something to do with people not kissing your ass or thinking you were some big shot because you had a huge post count next to your name.  Also you were seriously like, physically and symbolically leaving the forum at the time, because you super disagreed with what was going on.


I recall the longass time ago post reset that everyone went through but I wasn't around for the Joe one. That sounds spicy, though. I'm sorry I missed that. :(

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