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Getting back into the Neopets world...but deeper


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#1 karbarson

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 07:47 PM

I've been playing Neopets for a very long time. 12ish years now. I started playing again in the last month or so and randomly my account was frozen. I didn't do anything lol. I'm 100 percent serious. I just logged on daily for the dailies, played a few games here and there, personalized my pages, spent about $100 in the mall to snazzy up my beloved Neopets, and chatted in a few forums (didn't curse or break a single rule. I'm one of those people that reads every word in terms and conditions and since it had been a few years I assumed that the T&C had been updated and re-read it all). Next thing I knew I clicked my bookmark to do my daily life wasting activities and was greeted to sign in after I click on something. I assumed that I just needed to sign in again due to cookies resetting. So I signed back in and was noticed that the account had been frozen. After having a panic attack at the amount of money that was just literally blown away I messaged support. It's been a good 2 weeks now and I'm fairly certain that they aren't going to get back to me lol. 

The reasoning on the notice for why I had been frozen was, "Cheating on Flash Games" wait, I thought you said you didn't do anything. I really didn't! I used the type ins that TNT themselves give away in different parts of the website such as typing in "nopopups" on Advert Attack. The only thing I can assume is that when I was playing a game and my cat jumped on my laptop and it sent the score in (of zero points) seconds after I opened the game that they assumed it was a failed attempt at trying to SS. 

I decided to buy a new account off of someone (It's better than the account I had been slaving my time away on for years lol) and learn how to actually cheat. Thus I ran into this page and have learned about SS and AOB and so much more. I guess you could say I'm on a mission to do the thing that they already froze an account of mine for, even though I didn't actually do the thing that they said I did. But TBH, If I had known about cheating like this before, I likely would have.

So hello all :) I hope to contribute to this website and be an active member. Nice to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

#2 jaredyne

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 11:00 PM

Welcome to the dark side! That's really crap of TNT to freeze you after spending that much money, yikes.

#3 Sweeney

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 04:39 AM

Ah, the old "my cat jumped on the computer" defence.

#4 karbarson

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 02:36 PM

Ah, the old "my cat jumped on the computer" defence.

No really. Lol. I don't have a "normal" life. I spend my days on my laptop in bed. I've gone through 2 laptops because she thinks it's hilarious to pounce off the screen. She thinks it's her job to forcefully remind me that it's time to take medications.

Welcome to the dark side! That's really crap of TNT to freeze you after spending that much money, yikes.

Did I mention that I had paid for a year of premium as well? lol. I had been a long time premium member for the last 4 years.  :doh:

#5 Generic

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Posted 13 October 2017 - 09:34 AM

Ah the old classic. Play completely legit, get screwed over by the game and turn to cheating to recoup losses. I ended up starting botting for a similar reason on runescape like a decade ago, worked my ass off and got banned for a silly reason or something - I forget exactly. Next thing I know I'm botting on 5 different accounts at once :p Then my desire to cheat just kinda carried over to Neopets.

Buuuuuut this isn't my thread so I'll shut up about me :) Welcome to Codex, hope you enjoy it here!

#6 Jess

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Posted 13 October 2017 - 11:25 AM


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