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Neocodex Technology Blog > Troubles processing Neocash orders

Posted 31 October 2012

In our billing system, we have transactions and invoices. Invoices wrap transactions so that you can have multiple transactions within one invoice. Recently, we have been seeing some neocash orders get stuck while processing. All of these invoices have had just one transaction within them. After the user pays for their item, the transaction is marked as...

Neocodex Technology Blog > Sphinx search engine now being used to power Neocodex's search

Posted 16 September 2012

Currently, Neocodex stores 1,325,357 posts by users in 88,522 topics. Under any measure of the term, I would say that our website has evolved into a large forum. We consistently have over 300 users online at any given time and many more using our autobuyer constantly sending data back to our item database. Such high activity can put quite a strain on our...

Neocodex Technology Blog > Dealing with fraudulent charges

Posted 09 September 2012

As most of you must have seen by now, we have just banned user emotoyol from using our site. Through a series of strange events, we discovered that the user had used stolen credit cards on our site to purchase two and a half years of advanced membership at once. In this blog post,...

Neocodex Technology Blog > How We Implemented The Immediate Neocash Code Delivery System

Posted 26 August 2012

Neocodex has recently started to sell Neocash cards through its store with immediate delivery. In this blog post, I want to take you through the history of how we got here, and how we implemented the immediate delivery solution that is custom to our website, and unique to all Neocash delivery...