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thoughts/things > A small relationship rant, I suppose

Posted 21 May 2017

(Was originally going to post this in the bad thing that happened to you today thread but then it got super long and I haven't been putting anything into my blog lately. So here we are.) 
Not a bad day per se, just a bad weekend. My boyfriend and I both have exams tomorrow and the next few weeks, and we're both very stressed. Plus I have 0 self confi...

thoughts/things > I just realized why I like Codex as much as I do

Posted 28 May 2016

It's 2:30 am and I am very emotional. Excuse the emotional-ness. Anyway, if someone gains some kind of knowledge they share it with the community. There is no sense of elitism, minimal clique-ness, maximum helpfulness, greatest sense of community. 
10/10, would register again.

thoughts/things > Goals/to do

Posted 17 May 2016

I like looking at my old goal posts. They hold a ball so perfectly. Plus I love reading people's personal shit, so here's my steaming pile of what-have-you. Current goals, today is the 17th of May, 2016, the weather is shit and my hair is silky. The new Lush shampoo I got has been good so far. Finish this semester successfully. I don't care how...

thoughts/things > Hoe things/incoherent mess

Posted 16 May 2016

Note: I use the term hoe in a postivie light. To me, a hoe is a person who is proud and comfortable with their own sexuality and doesn't feel the need to hide it. And that is what I strive to be. I have no idea where I'm going with this. I should probably preface with the fact that I'm generally a shy person around strangers. Especially in groups, I...

thoughts/things > Minirant

Posted 07 December 2015

Okay so first of all i've gon from typing like this u feel to somewhat correct. That is all. Thank you. It started to irritate me. Uh second of all, this is going to be a rant. Just have to get some things off me heart. So yesterday I got rejected by a guy I had been seeing for roughly 7 months. Seeing as in doing grown up things. This included...