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#892160 Flash Cheats Master List [done]

Posted by Warlord on 14 June 2007 - 05:57 PM

This will be the Official list of built in flash cheats on codex. If you know of any working built in cheats then post them here and I will add them to the list :) If cheats dont work then please report them so we can remove them ;)

Check my other guide for an easy method of inputting these cheats into games that has virtually no freeze rate.

These are the only legit cheats in all of neopets, the built in flash game cheats ^_^

Advert Attack
nopopups - make all ads dissapear

Attack of the Gummy Dice
explode - Change current die into bomb die
gummydice - change current die to random die
delightful - Change current die to morph die

Attack of the Revenge
blackpawkeet - type on level 3 or higher to get an extra life

Attack of the Slorgs
marrow - extra life
slorgerizer - "blasts a feew slorgs at once"
chargex4 - Restores the laser guide after it cuts out (Can be used as many times as needed)

Bouncy Supreme
bouncebouncebounce - Extra Life
r - toggle radar

Brucy B. Slots
brucey - Hear an evil laugh as a pattern is drawn across the screen

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
lookoutbruno - Extra Life
monstermovie - Toggle between black and white or color mode

Carnival of Terror
custard - more time

Castle Battles
supercannonball - large cannonball

Castle of Eliv Thade
rehaxtint - get an extra hint during the game

Chia Bomber 2
geoffrey - Extra Life

Crisis Courier
kingaltador - Extra Life

vitaminc - Restores to full health

Destruct-o-match 2
destroyboulders - type during game to destroy all boulders of a random color OR type when you have cleared all boulders in a level and are at the score screen to get 250 bonus points. You can only pick one of these uses per game and can only type it once whichever one you pick.
boohooiwanttheoldgameback - type on the game selection screen to play the original destruct-o-match

Dice Escape
topdown - bird's eye view of the game
helpmeplease - more time
moretimeruki - more time
flybywire - wire view of the game

Dubloon Disaster!
scallywags - Creates whirlpool
blackpawkeet - Increase chances of 100 dubloon coin appearing

Escape from Meridell Castle
valrigard - Resets timer

Escape to Kreludor
empulse - destroys surrounding enemies

Extreme Herder
freeze - Causes balthazr to freeze

Faerie Bubbles
bubbles - makes all bubbles same color
slumberberry - moves bubbles up to the top
Stardust - Nova Bubble
Faerieland - Rainbow Bubble

Faerie Caves 2 - Fyora's Quest
quaglor - Skip level

Faerie Cloud Racers
snowfaerie - type on character select screen to make obsatacles dissapear for first round

deliciousflies - Extra Life

frumball - Extra Life
kougra - Skip level

kougra - Skips level (no points awarded)

Gourmet Club Bowls
superbowl - Skips levels
shepherd - x2 score

Grand Theft Unmagine
ummaginethief - Skip level (resets score)

Gwyl's Great Escape
GWYLSGREATESTESCAPEEVER - typing that when you click on continue game (and enter this code into the code space) will allow you to play a Secret Level.

Hassee Bounce
doughnutfruit - Reset Timer

Ice Cream Machine
strawberryvanillachocolate - Extra Life

Igloo Garage Sale
dubloon - Increases chances of dubloon falling
frozensnowflake - allows you to drop one extra item that round. You will hear chimes when the code is activated.

Itchy Invasion
pest - restore ammo to full

Jelly Blobs of Doom
marissa - "a message will appear, 'Now are you happy?' (more blobs in the game)"
rainbownegg - makes 25 point rainbow negg

Kiko Match 2
ineedmoretime - 15 extra seconds

Korbat's Lab
spiderbite - Extra Life

cyodrake - one extra hint

Kreludan Mining Corp.
kreludor - Extra Life

Magax: Destroyer 2
xagam - restore health to full

Meepit Juice Break
meepits - Extra Life
hungrymeepits - Extra Life
juice-o-matic - Resets all meepit's timers

Meerca Chase 2
ferociousneggsareontheloose - type at title screen to unlock secret ferocious level (Same as normal meerca chase but instead of red neggs there are ferocious neggs AND THEY MOVE SO WATCH OUT!)
superextrahypergravitymode - type at title screen to unlock gravity level (Stay away from the center and dont touch the walls+New speed stop and go...Note-You can only play gravity mode with stop and go speed.)
fishnegg - Eat the fishnegg and get 50 free points

kougra - Skip level (resets points)

Moon Rock Rampage
superlaser - Double Laser Range (resets at end of level)
novisitors - Extra 30 seconds
rampage - Extra Life

Mynci Beach Volleyball
dirigibles - make blimp fly across screen
turdle - creates a turdle on your opponents side

Neverending Boss Battle
foreverandeverandever - Extra Life

Oscillabot - Extra attempt

Raiders of Maraqua
1morekarpohplease - Extra Life

Ruins Rampage
trapdoor - avoid spike or floor traps through entire game

Scourge of the Lab Jellies
boomshaketheroom - creates 3 consecutive bombs

Snowball Fight
snowghettiandmeatball - +10 snowballs

buuuurrrrrrrrp - Decrease blaot by 50%
dieter - temporarily multiplies score by 100 (score sends as regular and not multiplied though)

Sophie's Stew
hungrymeowclops - Extra Life

Spell or Starve
channyhungry - 30 extra seconds

Sutek's Tomb
scarabeus - 30 extra seconds
plzsutekcanihavemoretime - 30 extra seconds
pyramibread - Gives hint (unlimited use)

The Buzzer Game
salamander - Skip level

The Castle of Eliv Thade
rehaxtint - One extra letter hint

The Great Qasalan Caper
caperiffic - Time Bonus

The Last Smiley
*catfish* - Extra Life
0:-) - Skip a level
:) - Toggle first person view

The Return of the Return of Dr Sloth
drfranksloth - Extra Life

The Usul Suspects
lumiwatergun - Extra Life

Ultimate Bullseye
catapult - Random bonus item

Volacno Run
lava - Gives Shield

Volcano Run 2
glubgar - Extra Life

Warf Rescue Team
trappedkadoaties - Extra Life

Whack a Staff Member
a5paragu5 - Bigger Mallet

These are cheats I have seen online that don't have the game they go for listed. If you have any information on what game these codes are for then please tell me :)

Most of these cheats were acquired from http://www.gamefaqs....ode/916642.html, code descriptions have been changed.
Many thanks to Kitsune, KKane173 and Gamer4Life for their input on the guide :)