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[Guide]Multi Account - Anonymity beyond proxy -hide info a proxy does not.

04 September 2010 - 01:01 PM

If you're paranoid or love your main account, even using a proxy, its a good idea to know some of the information websites gather when you visit and exploit that to your advantage. This information is submitted correctly through my elite vpn proxy (a vpn is not technically a proxy, but its purpose is the same and I will refer to it as one from time to time). For the most part this stuff isn't necessary but if you ever wonder how they chain iced your side accounts while using a proxy it is a mix of personal information, trends, and the following.

When someone visits my website, in addition to their ip and service provider I get (with a basic free stat gatherer-I could get a lot more info if I wanted to spend a few bucks a month):

WinVista (1024x819x32) -operating system, screen resolution, color depth.
MSIE 8.0 (JavaScript: 1.3, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes) -browser, java, etc

WinXP (1600x900x24)
Firefox 3.6 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

Neopets can tell that you are using different computer and you can trick them into thinking you are.

Changing your screen resolution and color depth is the easiest, but least necessary. Using a user agent changer can make you appear to be on a different browser and operating system.

Also, through an elite proxy they can see your browsers plug-ins. Not a big deal and you wont get iced for it, but when deciding which of the 10 accounts they are thinking are yours having very generic plug-ins will help.

If you really, really, want to protect your account you can uninstall the latest java update leaving an older version and then reinstall. I'm still working on a way to spoof the java version if there is one and will update if I find a way to do it.
I wouldn't go through any of this trouble for shells, but to make sure my main isn't linked with anything, I'll do anything.

The below has been rendered useless and added to a spoiler because of finding a good user agent switcher but I will leave it here because its an extremely interesting to boot a computer and access your hard drive from a different operating system.

The above is the premise of this post. Below you will find tools and information on how to actually do some of these things.

Testing your proxy:

First and foremost when using a proxy use this page to check that your ip is actually different: Whats my ip. They have an excellent array of tools to test if your proxy is sending accurate information about you.

The first link they have is More Info About You. This is where you will find the majority of information that you are sending a website. It may disturb you to see how accurate some of it is through your proxy which is what prompted me to do more research on this subject.

Another helpful link, which helped me find the weakness in my first proxy is: Proxy Test.

The first spoiler is the information shown without a proxy. The second is with a proxy to compare what information is hopefully changed, and what information will be sent correctly anyway. After, some testing, the second proxy could get me in trouble, and I have moved onto a third proxy. The second spoiler will show the weakness of my first proxy. The third spoiler shows the strength of my new proxy.

This is the second spoiler. I was using a vpn which I thought was secure but in looking at More Info About You I found a serious weakness. It was even more obviously on Proxy Test. I've excluded browser information and plug-ins since they are the same as the previous spoiler. Thus far, I have not been iced for multi using this vpn but down the road if I get flagged this could be bad, bad, bad.

Now for the information sent by my super awesome new proxy that makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

User Agent Switching.
(Your browser and operating system information)

First Install Chrispederik's User Agent Switcher for firefox. This allows you to tell websites that you are using a different browser and operating system. Some websites will actually display their page differently to you based on the browser you are using and you will notice a difference immediately when you switch user agents. This is due to code in their css/html that says "If browser is lower than I.E 7.0 use this code."

Then download: User Agent List. You can either go to the link and click File -> Save Page As or right click the link and Save Link As. This will save the page as a .XML file. Save it somewhere easy to access.

Next, Click Tools -> Default User Agent -> Scroll down until you see: Edit User Agents... Once you click that you will see a screen that looks like:

Click Import and select the file you previously saved. Now you have a ton of user agents to pick from.
In the spoiler is a screen shot of the huge list of User Agents you now can chose from.

Below are examples of how powerful user agent switching is. These are examples all from the same computer:

Mac OS X (1280x768x24)
Safari 1.0 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

Win95 (1280x768x24)
Netscape 4.05 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

Win2k3 (1280x768x24)
Opera 7.6 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

Linux (1280x768x24)
Netscape 5.0 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

Win7 (1280x768x24)
MSIE 7.0 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

WinXP (1280x768x24)
Firefox 2.0 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

Win3x (1280x768x24) -gasp ancient computer. Windows 3.1
AOL Browser 3.0 (JavaScript: 1.8, Cookie: Yes, Java: Yes)

If I use any bot user agent (yahoo, google, etc) and forget to turn it off neocodex tells me "Your posting privileges have been removed my an administrator." and I cannot log in.

Notice on all of the above examples my JavaScript versions and screen resolution are the same. I can change this by uninstalling the latest update of java and changing my resolution. While I don't think this is necessary to use multi accounts at all if you want your main account to look completely and utterly separate of you then added changes to your information can only help you in the long run.

*Near future tests*
Shortly I will be testing flash based stat gatherers and hopefully find a way to alert when a flash cookie is made and information on how to clear them. If neopets is smart they will have flash cookies here and there. I've been iced in other games due to not clearing flash cookies.

Java stat gatherer as java can send your correct ip rather than your proxy.

Hopefully a way to spoof the version of java installed rather and install and uninstall.

Item and Np transfer through Guilds

26 August 2010 - 06:20 PM

Has anyone tried using a guild to move items around. It would go like this in my mind:

A completely clean account creates a "secret" guild (since they can be unlisted). This could be done alone but in my opinion 3-5+ good friends working together would be best. Slowly move proxied alts into the guild. With say 5 people and proxied alts it would appear to be an active guild all from different areas. Items would be moving all over the place, but always through guild storage, and that could be made purposefully more realistic.

In my experience in other games when I've been iced guilds/clans/whatever are considered sacred in an mmo world. A perfectly clean guild account and leader should be very hard for neopets to ice as long as they can't link it. I've had items and game currency revoked putting me at negative balances in their monetary systems but any money or items I've deposited remain safe. There was even one where I was the only member of the guild but they wouldn't touch it, they took everything from my account and left my guild wealthy as hell. I canceled my account with negative 1billion currency and made another account and withdrew 1bil from the guild.

Depending on how much you trust the people working with you this could be taken to far greater levels (profit sharing, item credits, etc).

If anyone has tried something similar send me a pm :-).

p.s if your going to commit a 'crime' it might as well be organized right? :D

Hi there

19 August 2010 - 08:04 PM

I'm new to neocodex though I've used the forums here as reference for a long time. I've considered myself a gamer my whole life. I broke and fixed my first computer when I was 5 installing windows 3.1 and 3.14 on the same partition on a 486sx and have been in love with everything computers since.

I'm a firm believer in studying game mechanics, even if its a browser based game-using the way something is programed to achieve the most effecient and profitable results. I also believe in sharing valuble strategies even at the cost of my own profit though I will try to protect the general communities profit as a whole. In a few browser based war games I've been known to spend hours educating my enemies on the finer points of game mechanics soley to make fighting them worth the time and effort.

I look forward to helping in any way I can and having some good laughs.

Thanks to all of the programmers that have made this site a success. I haven't used any of the programs on this site yet as I'm still assessing whether my vpn proxy will transmit the correct [incorrect :-D] ip information through them [other programs in the past have managed to get me banned from other games by sending my real ip instead of my vpn] but their quality and continued development is quite evident from many of the posts I've read through.

My name is the farthest thing from any alias I've ever used because I trust TNT as much as everyone else here so I hesitate to sign this bobsauce :)