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Codex Feature Survey

22 April 2018 - 11:05 AM

Hey Everyone,

As you may recall a little while back we talked about some changes that may be coming to the site. In the spirit of that, there are some upgrades that need to take place as we are running some quite outdated software and are bloated with features that may not even be useful to some. I have created a quick survey to help us gather some feedback to see which features of Neocodex are worth keeping, and which ones we can do without.

Please click here to take the survey.


A message from your friendly neighbourhood Admin

08 March 2018 - 09:46 AM

Hey Everyone,
It has been a while since I posted (which I totally get does not help the inactivity issue), but I wanted to chime in and address a couple of points that have been brought up about where we currently stand, and a little bit about my history with the forum to spread a bit of light on the future.
First off. We are not going anywhere. I can say that with absolute confidence knowing what is currently in our bank account along with the day-to-day costs of what it costs to run neocodex. I have been a member of this community starting all the way back in October 2010 and I first joined the staff in November of that year. Since then I have met people here who have become like family. Whether it be drinking beer with Cameron, riding on the back of Faraaz's bike on a highway, farting in front of Kate (there was also that time she brought her husband and kids over and I think one ate some cat food), eating Burritos with Jessica (Jess), going to raves with the other Jessica (Padme), there was some event with Shannon, doing questionable activities with Arman in Montreal, getting way too drunk with Jon and having his friends call me "the white guy" all night, or hanging out in vegas with Rocket and almost getting married. Those are just the experiences that I had in person... There were countless nights that I was feeling down and there were so many people here to talk to and help me through it. I had a support network of people that actually cared, and it was a truly wonderful thing to know. There are too many memories here for me to explain, you will just need to take my word that we are not going anywhere and that I hope others have had a feeling and connection to this place as I have grown to know and love.
Running a forum is not an easy thing, there are rules that need to be established, trusted individuals need to become members of staff to help moderate the forum. It is not trivial at all and it saddens me to see such criticism of those individuals that we initially put trust into and truly did give it their best. Let us take a look at the first thread I contributed to when I joined back in October. http://www.neocodex....ython-web-stuff
This was back at a time when our programming team was still active, programs were being worked on weekly and both Cameron and Faraaz were still regularly active. Instead of me complaining about the lack of programs that were available, or the numerous other issues I had with the programs at the time, I stepped up and offered to help. I implore the individuals who have issues with the lack of activity and the lack of faith in the direction of the forum to step up and offer to help. Nothing is going to get done if we just sit around in a single thread and complain about how this place is not like how it use to be. Be the change you wish to see in the world, or in this case Neocodex. I am open to suggestions, yes let us include a couple of new sections for games. Yes let's add a new rank. Yes let's do something. However you need to see that we cannot just pull out a single and magic solution to fix everything. It was already mentioned earlier but neopets is dying, and as a site that has focused primarily on neopets, we are going to feel that backlash.
While I personally do not have that much of an image around here anymore, I want you all to know that in one way or another I have had something to do with Neocodex almost every day since I joined. Be it making sure we have good uptime, keeping the emails going, keeping the neocash card stock up, or even on slack communicating with anyone who joins in the channels. Forums are not as popular today as they use to be and to have a successful one these days, the bar is rising very fast. Social platforms like twitter, youtube, facebook and others have created community like atmospheres that have mostly replaced what we all knew the internet to be "back in the day". There are exceptions to this, of course, and that is also my personal opinion on the matter.
Before we had slack, we had an IRC channel that we used for codex. For those of you familiar with IRC you will know that it has been around since the turn of the century. It was heavily outdated, but one of the first places we had where members could instant message each other. It is also where we discussed such fascinating topics such as how a bowling ball will fall faster than a feather in a vacuum, and no one knows anything about anything unless they have a PhD in the topic. Truly enlightening times... In between that and slack, came tinychat - an unofficial official place where many shenanigans took place... We would just idle in the channel waiting for other members to join and I believe if i look hard enough I can find a video of Noitidart dancing on webcam while me, Georgina and Lisa sit around watching... However we needed to grow, and that was where slack came into light... It is this generation's equivalent of IRC (hell, it even has an IRC gateway plugin). You can either join our slack channel through this link: http://www.neocodex....x.php?app=slack or this one https://join.slack.c...YjNlMzY5ZjljMzk or pm me or even email at [email protected]neocodex.us - We are waiting for you to join.
Another point I would like to bring up is that, once again, I joined back in 2010... That was 8 years ago... Quite a bit has happened for me personally in that time. Back then I was engaged (that was fun) which quickly went to me being single (even more fun), all while working a minimum wage part time job at costco handing out samples. After that I left the city I grew up in, to the capital of Canada and got my first real job... One that required me working 40+ hours a day and I had to work my ass off for it. Everyone else had an education and more of a reason to be there than I did... I had to prove myself over and over again... Fast forward today, and I have had so many life experiences it is impossible to think of the person I was back then. I bought my first property, I am in a well respected position at work and life has simply progressed for me to such a point that having 4 or 5 days a week to work on personal projects and things outside of my profession become more difficult. In other words, I grew up, there is not much else to say about it than that; however not a day goes by that I do not think of the place that helped me get here.
So this was my message to you, the community. That I have as much attachment to this place as anyone, and would love to see it thrive like the "olden days", however times have changed and if we want to continue to be the community I know that you want it to be, we need to change with it. Like I stated earlier, we are open to suggestions. Throw ideas at us and we will listen.
Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together.
-Cody Woolaver, Neocodex.us Administrator

Emails Down

07 November 2017 - 09:44 AM

Looks like our email provider is having some issues with our account. I am currently looking into this and will provide updates when this has been resolved.


Staff Changes

12 October 2017 - 07:07 PM

Hello everyone!
It has been some time since we made some staffing changes and in the spirit of trying to kick up some activity there is going to be some changes to the current roster.
First off, @Hydrogen will be stepping down once again as he continues to focus on some other areas of his life. He will continue to stick around behind the scenes and assist the staff with anything that we should need. I make frequent trips to visit him and we are confident in the site's ability to continue on.
Next, with the above mentioned step-down that has left open a position on the Administration team, it should be no surprise to anyone that the position will be taken up by @Emily. This promotion is long overdue, and I am very excited to have her move up into a position where we will be able to breathe some much needed life into the forums. In the transition from her current role as Lead Moderator, @ShadowLink64, @Hydrogen and myself will help her with any potential issues that she may run into - however we are very confident that she will do just fine.
Onto the next change. I am pleased to say that our lovely @Kate will be returning to her position as Lead Moderator!
Lastly I would like to thank both @Eefi and @Cass for their work and support, but they will be returning to their previous ranks as Private members.
Let's wish everyone the best of luck in their new roles both on and off of the site!
-Cody Woolaver, Neocodex Administration