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Safe autobuy time?

18 December 2010 - 01:19 PM

After scouring the forums and the abrosia topics, I still dont understand what time for abrosia would be considered unrealistic? obviously 0.1 everywhere is pretty much an instaban but at what "zone" does it go from believable to extremely good to bullshit/impossible? Reason I ask is because I want to AB at merifoods and I know it's a high freeze rate over there so what would be a reasonable time where I would be able to buy "something" and then get away with it? :p


10 December 2010 - 01:49 PM

How the hell do people get so many dubloons? I know they dont sit there waiting for some dubloons cheaper than theirs to come up and resell em for 20np profit....so where does the whole volume of dubloons come from?

sLaughter SS 415 compatibility issues

06 December 2010 - 05:58 PM

So I use the same version on my windows 7 netbook and my xp desktop. What the issue is, is that it works fine on my windows 7 machine but on xp the program opens up and shows the prompt box of What's New/Download New Version. I have all the fixes installed, compatibility (windows 95) on and visual themes off. When the Download new version button is clicked, the program just shuts down, but that's beside the point as I already have the newest version. Is there just an issue with running SSS on xp or is something going over my head? O_o

Rock you like a

03 December 2010 - 08:31 AM

Yea so basically I had a main that got frozen for no reason (probably chain iced off my school wifi) and they refuse to lift my ban, I figured I'd find a forum to cut some corners so that if I do get iced again it'll be for a reason :p

Other than that as much as i love my gf, i don't want her to be the only one on my friends list on neopets :p

Oh and I'm also a 20 year old, pre-med student in Brooklyn, NY.