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Keyquest Against Yourself?

14 February 2013 - 03:36 AM

Has anyone tried using a main and side account to play keyquest against each other?

If you set it to two players, you'd just have to finish with one user and you'd get a gold AND silver key to use.


Would be a much better alternative than having to play against real people -_-

Anyone been frozen lately?

13 February 2013 - 07:14 PM

I've been running an experiment to see how much nps I could make in a weeks time.

I went all out, ignoring any logical method and created a ridiculous cycle of daily restocking using Abrosia.


The point was to see how long it would take me to be frozen/chain iced.


I've made a little over 50m in 2 weeks, and my accounts are still alive.


Has anyone else been feeling a little too lucky?  I should definitely be frozen by now.  I've been rs-ing in stamp and magic as well, DURING THE DAY.

How NOT To Get Frozen Using Abrosia & Neocodex

26 January 2013 - 04:57 PM



1. Proxies

2. Accounts

3. Autobuying

4. Avatars

5. Trophies




1. Proxies

There is one important things you must know when using proxies.  First, there are 3 main types of proxies that can be used to mask your IP when information is being sent back to the server. 


Low Anonymity - Your IP is available, and proxy usage is visible.

Medium - Your IP is hidden, but proxy usage is visible.

High - Your IP is hidden, and proxy usage is hidden.


Each site that has free proxy available uses slightly different titles to the 3 types, but the basics are all the same.  Find your own proxy site, and make sure you read the labels as they usually explain what each title means.  However, in most cases, it's something similar to what is above.


Anyhow, the point is, you want to be using a proxy with High Anonymity in order to fully protect your account.  Otherwise, you are basically telling them you are trying to hide something.


If you are playing on multiple accounts, my suggestion would be to have a schedule where each account plays for different durations.  Finding multiple working proxies at one time is difficult.  So it is much more effecient to use 1 - 2 accounts at a time instead of trying to overload and go all out.  If you keep a good schedule, you'll never have to worry about RS bans.  Furthermore, by rotating accounts, the income of items isn't as obvious.


If you are using a single account, you should NOT use a proxy at all, since there is no point. 


2. Accounts

Now, an easily overlooked part of autobuying is the account you are autobuying on.  It is not too difficult to tell an account is a phony when, it has no shop, no gallery, nothing except nps and a bunch of restocked items.  Before even starting to restock with your shell account, I would take an hour or two to run the Cheat Autoplayer and some others to grab easy trophies.  If you know simple CSS, make a userlookup.  The point is to make a convincing alternative account that seems like another person is playing. 


Never ever ever ever use side accounts or accounts you are autobuying on to advertise items.  Make sure you have a legitimate account you can transfer your items silently to.  Be patient.  Rushing will get you caught, and then your time has been wasted.  I've used the shop method, offering on trades, and sending as nf successfully without being frozen.  Like I said, the key is to be patient.


3. Autobuying

When it comes to Autobuying, the usual question is, what is a safe buy time?

This question is the wrong question to be asking.


Safe autobuying is not only about safe buy times,  It is also about being human.   Here are some general guidelines you should be following, even before buy times:


  • Do NOT only go for Unbuyable Items - This is an obvious red flag when it comes to ab-ing.
  • Do NOT let Abrosia run constantly in a full shop - Another obvious red flag as you are spending hours refreshing in a shop that won't restock.
  • DO allow your Autobuyer/Self buy non-profitable items - By clearing items, you not only increase your chances to see a restock, but you also seem more human.
  • DO set a realistic pre-click time - This is the part where it says "This does not add to your buy time".  What it does is pause before clicking an item, as if searching for it.  It's humanly IMPOSSIBLE for a person to click an item faster than 0.5s, unless you started clicking in the spot where the item will load as the page is loading.  Why? Well, it takes your brain about half a second to send a signal saying "click".  Meaning you can't click until 0.5s after the thought is processed in your brain.  Anything below 0.5 will result in high suspicion.
  • DO double check your buy time - Now, you want to make sure your buy times are between 1-2 seconds, so buy a junk item and start adjusting your prehaggle times.

Realistically, if you are restocking, getting a Morphing Potion will take you about 4 seconds.

1 second for the initial page load (aka refresh)

0.5 seconds reaction time to click item and enter

1.5 seconds to haggle and click image

1 second for page load (completed buy)

The buy time for this would be 1500ms as it only counts the haggle section.

Now, doing this consistently would be freaking hard for a regular humang being.  If your buy times are floating beneath and around 1500ms constantly, you might be risking your account depending on what items you are constantly after.   In my experience, it is important to miss items as well as get them. 


4. Avatars

This is an easy improvement to any account, just get all the click-able avatars and make sure you change it under neoboard preference.  Don't forget your current avatar is visible on your userlookup.  While you're at it, you might as well find some pre-made userlookup to prettify your autobuying account.


Ok, and people who are new to using the score sender, I know it's exciting to be able to get all the game avatars you've ever dreamed of.  But getting all of them on a 1 week account and acting like you're good at games is a dumb thing to do.  Again, be patient.  Imagine how long it would take you to achieve the avatar in real life and slowly improve your score.  You don't have to play the game, you shouldn't complain about a small wait.


5. Trophies

The same goes for trophies.  No matter how good at gaming you are, you can't come mid-month and appear with 4 trophies.  Most players who get trophies get it at the beginning of the month when scores are lower.  By flaunting pro-lever scores and never achieving them again is usually a sign that there is no real experience.


That concludes my short guide to how not to get frozen.  If you want me to add on more stuff/change stuff, let me know.