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22 May 2012 - 10:36 AM

happy birthday :D

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21 May 2012 - 11:01 AM

edit: also can't forget Cyanide and Happiness, but that's probably an obvious one

Other than rage comics, Cyanide and Happiness are probably the only webcomics I'll read. They're so fucking funny sometimes.

In Topic: Family Relationships

21 May 2012 - 07:43 AM

Since my last post my father kicked me out. We got in a fight a week ago about honestly I'm not even sure. He says it was because of my "complete defiance to his face" but the way I see he was over reacting. He asked me to do the dishes, which I do every night. And I told him I would once I finished up on the computer, like I did every night. I told him I'd get on it right after I took my laundry, which I do myself with no help, out of the dryer and folded it. Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough even though I do these tasks the same exact way every night that I do them. He flipped out and he began to scream at me. We hadn't had a blow out like this in a while. He screamed at me telling me he hates me and that I make his life miserable and that he wants me out. He kept asking me when I would be out and I said I'd work on it. This was much like the fight we had a couple years ago where he told me I made him miserable (that fight was caused because I was in a bad mood and I told him to leave me alone and he freaked out even though he knows I suffer from depression). That time he also told me I could pack my shit and "go live with her in a box and make her miserable instead". And by her he meant my mother who lives in a trailer in the mountains. But anyway, the other night when he told me he wanted me out I decided that it was time to go. So all last week i spent packing up my shit, without him even noticing apparently. Yesterday I moved all my shit to my girlfriend and my best friend's houses. He had been gone all weekend and when he came back and found out I had actually started moving out, he flipped again. I asked him what he expected after our last conversation. I said I figured he'd only assume I'd be leaving since that's what he wanted. He kept telling me I'm going to regret this and that it's a bad idea and I shouldn't do it. I kept saying I can do this, I'm a big girl and I'll do what I gotta do to get by. This week I'll be finishing up the last of my things, then I have to take my rats to their new home and find my dog a new home since my dad says he's not keeping him. After that, I'll be free. Finally. My father isn't even worried about me. He isn't worried that I'll fail. He's mad because I actually got out and now he can't control me anymore and now he has to do everything around the house by himself. I felt a little regret last night but I know as time goes on, it'll go away and be replaced by a feeling of liberation. Best thing I've ever done.

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17 May 2012 - 09:54 AM

The cream cheese in scrambled eggs was pretty good tbh, I've never had anything like that before.

Cream cheese makes just about anything better. Cream cheese on pickles is amazing :3 and Cream cheese with hawaiian sweet rolls. And cream cheese on... well... anything :D I love cream cheese.

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17 May 2012 - 07:52 AM

Don't worry, Pokemon is like money: the more you have, the better life gets. :)

xD I know. I've played gold, red, and blue. My gf just let me borrow her heartgold version and I love it cause it's the first one I've ever played on a DS