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In Topic: Are you an intellectual degenerate?

17 March 2012 - 11:29 AM

Perhaps if you read a little more, you might be aware that the term is "out-weigh", and you might understand a little more about what you're actually saying rather than parroting the catchy phrases you heard in the last movie adaptation you watched?

first sorry..you are correct it's out weigh, thanks for telling me :)

second I guess it's in your nature to be sarcastic and not actually mean , I don't think reading a little more will make you an intellectual , or reading less or disliking to read will make you a intellectual degenerate , there is a lot of knowledge that can't be gained through reading books,magazines,blogs etc :) but they do help as they are a very good vessel for knowledge .

In Topic: Sexist Lyrics in Music

17 March 2012 - 11:13 AM

Do you guys think these type of lyrics have any real danger of promoting serious racism or sexism?

they have as much risk as some video games that caused murders , or sarah palins statements...i guess

jokes are just unfunny if they don't offend some one ...i remember Ahmed the dead terrorist (btw i'm Muslim ) and when he maid jokes about jews and catholic priests his handler told him he can't make jokes like that ...the situation was funny but it reflected a truth

...there are a lot of things you can't say or do anymore because it offends someone ....things can get extreme and stupid quick.

In Topic: Stretching the Truth

17 March 2012 - 11:05 AM

Others engage in deception during the interview with an employer. Beyond the ethical problems of lying to others, what happens when you are asked to follow up on the information you lied about, once you are in the job?

why the curiosity?

also I don't lie in job interviews...I exaggerate my abilities because everyone does it and I want a job very badly so it's counterproductive to be completely honest :D

so to answer your question I'd have to ask when does an exaggeration become a lie?

In Topic: Would you rather live in a world where Harry Potter were real or pokemon?

17 March 2012 - 10:59 AM

not a lot of choice is there...?Posted Image

harry potter...i vote magic...I'd like it if my house could clean itself at the flick of a wrist

In Topic: If you don't speak English, stay the hell out of America, seriously!

17 March 2012 - 10:56 AM

I work at a clothing store in a neighborhood that used to be strictly Italian. Over the years, the neighborhood has basically gone down the shitter. (Well, it's not a bad neighborhood, just a very very Chinese/Mexican one). The old mom and pop shops were bought out by Chinese bakeries, grocery stores, nail salons, hair salons, etc. The neighborhood is now strictly Chinese, Russian, and Mexican. (Most of the Italians who used to frequent the shops moved to another part of the city/ moved out of the state completely).

I think it should seriously be illegal to not know English in America. This neighborhood is so fucking annoying... You can't understand a word these people say. All of the signs are in Chinese, everyone who works at the stores ONLY speaks Chinese and shitty ass broken English where if you ask to buy a tea with lemon, they give you a Pork bun and coffee instead and send you on your merry way going ???? just happened.

The community is so tight-knit that these people don't really feel compelled to learn English, since everything around them is in Chinese anyway. This is what gets me. WHY is this even allowed? How is being spoon-fed helping them contribute to society? I know a lot of them work under-the-table, they don't speak our language for shit, and I see them gambling all of their money away in Off-Track Betting/ Smoking cigarettes in little bakeries like wtf? Most of them are on welfare, too because they don't put their correct amount of income on their taxes since it's off the books most of the time. These peoplDe are here LEGALLY! They all have green cards. Who the fudge let them in?

Do you guys think that learning fundamental English for Immigrants / fluent English for their children is a mandatory requirement for green card eligibility to the United States?
Why/Why Not

we have the same problem with a minority in my country as well....i think that as long as you live in country it's your moral obligation to know and speak that language, have basic knowledge of history and geography etc...I'm half of another minority and I respect my heritage and local culture :)...I think it's the more sensible thing to do :)