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Account Frozen

16 April 2013 - 05:20 PM

So my account was frozen for "scamming" last Thursday. I submitted a ticket this Sunday and plead not guilty and justified my innocence. I got a response today (that was quick) telling me the same cut and paste nonsense they tell everyone. (Your account was frozen for scamming other users, blah blah...)


Personally I don't care being frozen, although this account was by far the best well rounded account I've had, I was less emotionally invested because of TNT's track record despite my honesty in the past. The worse I've done this time around was use AoB intelligently and bought NP. Regrettably, the only thing I'll miss are my pets which I thought were pretty awesome.


After digging around some old interviews and learning more about Neopets questionable past, it really makes me that more curious of what goes behind the scenes that we're not seeing. I mean, I respect that TNT is trying to protect their property even if they don't provide sufficient evidence to back up their actions, but how exactly do you plan to strive on building an empire if you can't even get the basics right. Not to criticize their work but from years of experience in customer service, hospitality and jobs similar to those lines, one thing I'm almost certain of is that customer service is the backbone of any business. If you fail at that, then what do you have to strive for?


True, no one is forced upon playing Neopets, and the only reason I come back is because my childhood is tied to it and when nostalgia kicks in reminiscing is the most sensible option. However what I'm getting at is why settle for giving mediocrity when you can provide greatness? Many small businesses grew into big corporations because they put customer satisfaction first. Although a few lost there way and became solely monetary centric, there are those who have repeat customers for over half a decade. If Neopets is so concerned with making money and their only excuse for not on par quality is economic constraint, then they need to take a lesson in common sense 101. Virtually any business can weather any economic conditions if they play their cards right.



And that, my dear friends is my rant for the night. ;)

New to Neocodex

05 March 2013 - 09:07 AM

Hi I'm Max and I just joined neocodex.


I like long walks on the beach and chicken wings, lol. I've been a long time neopets player and it wasn't until recently I began to dabble into the  illegit aspects of playing. I've played fair for so long and yet somehow I ended up getting the short end of the stick by either being frozen or scammed.


After a very long hiatus from neo, I decided to start back up to simply pass the time between classes and began getting hooked again.


Well that's it for me. :)