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Guppy Guppies Guppie > Adventures in Malnutrition

Posted 21 February 2015

I believe it was @Jess who mentioned a gluten-free diet relieving previously life-long symptoms which my girlfriend suffers from, which reminded me that my girlfriend and her mother (and various other blood relatives) have an allergy to wheat.


So I thought...

Guppy Guppies Guppie > Hot Wheels

Posted 01 February 2015

My dad and I were at the grocery store a town over and decided it was time to get an umbrella each, since ours have been MIA for a while and it was raining.

On our drive home, I noticed a sort of smoky smell, almost like smouldering plastic. No sooner had I mentioned this to my father, the brake light came on.

Of course, he immediately tried to brake, a...

Guppy Guppies Guppie > Star Wars!?

Posted 28 January 2015

My girlfriend is running a Star Wars tabletop campaign, and I've agreed to handle combat, which means a whole lot of combing through books for beast and bad-guy (actually good-guy considering the party is full of Sith and Mandalorian Mercs) stats. I've also been brushing up on lore so they don't run into a race that isn't spacefaring yet, etc..


Guppy Guppies Guppie > Oops

Posted 21 January 2015

Apparently I got the beginner blog award before I began a blog. I am obviously a charlatan and a fraud.


I'm not sure if I'm a dirty pig or just feeling sheepish, but I do know I'm as edible as I am cute.