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Rainforce's Blog > C++ update

Posted 23 January 2017

UPDATE So I managed to write some code, I decided to make an arkanoid/breakout clone instead. I do think I need some help though. I had zero c++/sfml experience before writing this, so bear with me haha.
The code itself is working, but I still need to do some stuff and I wouldn't feel confident showing this in the interview. TO DO LIST:
- Add a...

Rainforce's Blog > New Years Resolutions

Posted 07 January 2017

Lose 15kg
Be more grateful
Save some money
Start living on my own
Find a SO (ok, doesn't have to be this year, but would be nice)
Become more organized

Rainforce's Blog > C++ struggles

Posted 07 January 2017

So... I have to make a game in C++ for school, but it's so freaking complicated. I like programming, but I don't feel motivated to do anything at the moment.
I want to make asteroids in c++, but sfml isn't listening to me, haha. I have to have this game finished by the 26th of this month... I probably won't make it :/
Edit: deadline has been moved to the...