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Last Sigh > The Roof Tile Day

Posted 15 December 2015

Roof Tile    UMR day started by she being awaked by her evil Dad without an concrete reason in her confused mind (I call this an Zombie Stage. Because, I was sleeping, I can't ratiocinate well in the first 30 minutes of the day!). Then, she walked to the kitchen and took her breakfast, bread + cheese, yummy. But, her evil grandma yells to...

Last Whisper > Why should you watch: Prison School.

Posted 14 December 2015

Prison School Review.    That's my Top 1 anime from 2015 that I've watched. Why an such idiot anime like Prison School can be so good? Well, that's VERY funny, I laughed every episode, the story is very good, the characters fits well in the plot, don't have too much fan-service, the final isn't an trash like most of animes and are only 12 ep...

Last Whisper > About an Hiperactive Woman

Posted 14 December 2015

UMR      The most frequent question about me is: "Why do you spam too much?". Talking serious now, I don't want to spam, I want to talk, make new friends, share my ideas, tell about my problems, try to enjoy an nice conversation with people that I like. I'm not an good writer, but I've good ideas about everything I like to talk, li...