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Charity Corner 2019: Living with Less

07 May 2019 - 03:37 AM

Charity Corner is back! Thanks TNT I hate it!




For some godforsaken reason, you have to donate this year from your inventory


Open an item

Select the big "I don't need it button"

It's laggy, so wait (if you click it multiple times it's kinda buggy)

Go back to CC hub

Press the lever

wait for a long animation

congrats you get points



Maximum of 10 items per donation, and if you bug it by pressing the button too many times it doesn't let you donate until you remove some items. It's not great



Point amounts:

 r1-r79: 1 point
 r80-89: 2 points
 r90-97: 6 points
 r98-r100: 8 points
 r101: 1 point
 r102-r179: 4 points
 r200: 15 points


Leftover points from last year allegedly carry over to this year's Perk Shop. No specifics have been released on that yet though.



Avatar for donating 100 items:


New Kiss the Mortog Avatar

30 September 2018 - 05:24 PM



You get this new Kiss the Mortog avatar for being in the top 50 at trophy time


I wanted more games avatars, but... not like this....