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Truth or Dare

17 November 2016 - 02:40 PM

Ok I enjoyed how many of you were interested in my truth or dare status update so I'm going to make a thread of it. Anyone can feel freee to jump in and give people their truths or dares, or you can be truthed or dared, please try to be nice and make sure to follow all forum rules. If you play please accomplish the dare, within reason of course, and tell the truth on your truths! Post back here with your answer or what your experience was with your dare!

Let's see what happens...Muahahahah!

New Gal AMA

02 November 2016 - 07:02 PM

Yes another in the rash of Kelvin spurred AMAs. I don't expect many of you will have questions for me but here it is anyway. So after the beep leave a question...Beep.

Create Your Own Super Villain Contest

16 October 2016 - 07:12 PM

Hey guys! SO in the spirit of Halloween which I love, I'd like to host a contest for fun.

It starts: Right now!
It ends: November 1st.
Voting to start November 2nd.


You must use only your work, your creations, your imagination, with the exception of a collaboration, if you collaborate with someone else please give appropriate credit.

Please do not do anything that will break forum rules, keep drawings and art within forum posting allowance for size.

You may use existing characters as inspiration but you must make it your own.

One entry per person.

Please submit all entries by PM no later then November 1st.


Submit art of your own Halloween themed or spooky themed super villain, complete with costume, villain name, powers and villian catch phrase! Art can be anything creative, a drawing, a gif, a model of your villain that you take a picture of, a mock comic or manga page, you decide. Be as creative as you can be, the more well rounded your character the better. If you would like to submit a villain bio with your drawing please do, tell us all about what your villain has done, who is his arch enemy, does he have an alter ego, is he some sort of strange alien, is he a possessed pumpkin, how did he become a villain? Go as far with it as you'd like.

There will be three winners chosen to split 500k Nps.
Winners will be chosen by public vote.

1st 250k
2nd 150k
3rd 100k

Best of luck, and I hope you guys will enjoy the contest, I know I'll love to see your villains!

Do you like your neopets?

11 October 2016 - 09:10 PM

I love my pets even though I take breaks a lot. Does anyone else love their pets or is to about the competition, np, Items etc? While I do enjoy having nice items my pride of neopets is my pets themselves. I like to customize but more so having a good character for them.

Hey :)

10 October 2016 - 04:47 PM

Im new here hopefully I won't sound unknowledgable or anything, I've just started playing neopets after three year break, this was my second break, this first break ending just as the purge happened so I lost my main. I did not plan to use any programs as I am stuck on mobile devices for the time being. I am interested in trading, pets and NC. So hello and hopefully I'll be seeing you all around and we can help make our goals with neopets happen.