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Two Cents > 3: A little late to the party...

Posted 15 January 2017

Hey guys! I doubt any of you guys noticed my little hiatus, but I indeed had one, lol, We kind of just started a new year and I've noticed all these blog posts about their goals in 2017. I'm not a firm believer of this "New Year, New Me" bull but I'll give it a try. This year, I will have it on record with this blog post, so hold me accountable!

Do 200 c...

Two Cents > 2: Why I thought the election turned out like this

Posted 08 November 2016

First of all, I know this is kind of back to back, but oh my god as you know some shit went down biiiiiiiiiiig time. I feel like I should post since my blog is called "two cents" lol. 
You know, I already heard MSNBC and the democratic party hint at who they will blame the election loss. ​Millennials and third party voters. In a sense they are right,...

Two Cents > 1: So this happened...

Posted 08 November 2016

So today in class today we were learning about the Aztecs and how brutal they were. How they ripped the hearts out of their human sacrifices and eat it, in hopes of gaining the persons attributes. Some pretty graphic stuff. 
In the middle of this lecture about the human sacrifices, I just burst out laughing, not a small chuckle, but I laugh for a goo...