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Does anyone here use dating apps? (survey!)

17 January 2018 - 12:00 AM

Hi everyone! Im doing a project that has to do with communication in online dating, so if you use dating apps or have used them in the past, i would really appreciate some insight into a few questions i have :) i've only used them very briefly before so i dont have enough experience to really use. anyways, here is what i'm wondering.


1.) When you message someone for the first time, do you just send something simple like "hey" or "hi"? Or do you edit it specifically for each person?

2.) When someone else messages you for the first time, is it usually just a simple "hey"? 

3.) If someone else messages you first with "hey", how do you feel about it? Do you wish they would use something more interesting than that to start conversation? Or is it fine?

4.) Do you think you would be more likely to respond to a simple hello, or something more complex? Is it weird if someone sends something more complex than "hey" as the first message?

5.) How many people have you held a conversation with over these apps (estimated)? How many would you say were successful, and any indication to why? 


You dont have to answer all of these questions, or any of them if you arent comfortable. But if you have any other insight to this topic even if you dont use these dating apps, I would like to hear it :) Thanks!