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Errors and "0 items" in shop.

13 June 2018 - 02:19 PM

Okay, so, I figured my error was from losing my wifi connection, but still not entirely sure. I'm still testing that theory as we speak.
My new current issue is that my AB keeps switching from Uni's Clothing to Plushie Palace and nothing else.
I decided to not specify which shops and let it go to all of them since I have it set to refresh pretty fast. (I feel I have nothing to lose with several unassociated accounts over the age of 5 years.) I did this because when I specified which shops, all shops had 0 items despite my main showing a full inventory. So now I'm stuck with 0 items or Uni's/Plushie limbo. 

Do I need to chill the eff out with my refresh time?