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[Survey/Poll] -- Who Still Can Get AOB To Work + What Browser Do You Use?

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Posted 05 July 2021 - 03:05 AM

So, for months now i've been still playing Flash games with AOB usage until TODAY. I loaded up my game per usual, on PaleMoon [v.29.2.1] and opened CheatEngine and selected the right process (for PM it's 00007134-plugin-container.exe for example) and put in my AOB code (for Snowmuncher, which is the game I was about to play) and hit [New Scan] and it came back with zilch. zip. NADA. ;~; I'm so shook and triggered right now i'm 5 seconds from yeeting my laptop through the window. IDK if it's possible to use AOB with the new formatting of the site/games (HTML5?) but yeah, I refuse to Scoresend on my main accounts, so I dunno how the hell I'm gonna continue to hunt trophies on my lesser mains and get game avatars.


AOB was working with Typing Terror for me just yesterday, so I don't know why it's not working ALL OF THE SUDDEN, ON A HOLIDAY NONETHELESS

. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :badmood: :censored:


I even went into Task Manager > Details > plugin.container.exe > End Task (Basically a whole reboot for Flash) to try to see if it would take my AOB Codes again, and no dice.


If this is happening to you, please share what browser you're using and what date you could no longer play flash games.

If this ISN'T happening to you, please PM me what browser and what version or whatever you're using to play flash games if you're worried about TNT coming across this topic and implementing a patch to cockblock that method of playing Flash Games too. Otherwise, if you're not trippin bout that, post your Browsertype, the version, and all other pertinent info bc I, as well as many people I assume, are friggin D Y I N G to play some goddamn flash games with some goddamn cheats. >__> IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? ;~; THE PEOPLE WANNA KNOWWWW


(Hi, Its me, i'm THE PEOPLE heh)

Kthxbye <3 #FuckTNT2021 :bye2:

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