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So guys i was watching the ufc payperview and

05 July 2014 - 11:45 PM

Ronda Rousey (black) Vs Alexis Davis Blue this happened the first 16 seconds of the first round but the gif is sped up


This had me like (0-0)

Free emails

22 June 2014 - 10:11 PM

Free Email Creator

Once again i find my self running out of time so here you go

Website: http://superhac.net/

Follow the instructions given on the website

Use the Key: Trial

I recommend using the proxy gather i posted in my op in this thread to create a proxy list so you can make unlimited emails


Username Suggestion

19 June 2014 - 08:18 PM

Tnt likes to ban people for "bad usernames" well i want you guys to suggest usernames to me without profanity because they have profanity filters and ill post screen shots of the accounts :D

Why true anonymity on the internet is fake

18 June 2014 - 05:19 PM

So lets get right into it. I'm going to show you guys why you can't really be anonymous on the internet. (From the feds) So if your thinking about doing something illegal and stupid, don't.
Okay, so lets start with how the internet works.
Lets say you send a message on skype.
[You]-> [ISP]-> [Skype]->[Your friend]
But that's not it. Guess what your ISP does. That's right, it keeps logs and gives them to the NSA.
So a log for the ip range 123.456.22.* may be something like this.
Obviously it would be huge, with better data than that.
The NSA currently has the right to search threw every one of those packets and see's whats in them. So, what if we encrypt out internet traffic? Guess what, if they can get a warrant they can crack it! (:
Or maybe you use SSL to connect to facebook and the NSA wants to know what you sent to facebook, they can ask facebook for their key, if they say yes (they most likely will) they can easily decrypt the data.
If facebook does not comply they can get a warrent.
"I used a proxy/vpn, so I'm safe, right?", No. Your not. The internet log would look like this.
The fbi/nsa will go to this datacenter with a warrant and ask to see the logs, of course it they don't have logs even more legal bullshit will go on. They will probably seize and backdoor the proxy/vpn server. You get busted.
"Tor is safe isn't it?", nope.
Tor is the same concept as above, but you send a connection to a new server every time, of course that means its harder to find, but they can still catch you since tor nodes are becoming more, and more known.
"I go to a coffee shop to hack", guess what, you can get caught too!
You connect at the coffee shop. The coffee shop logs what you do with your mac address. The feds just have to get these logs, contact the manufacturer, find what store your computer was sold to and ask the store (lets say bestbuy) they ask best buy how you bought your computer, lets say you payed with a CreditCard. The feds now know who you are. They find you, and bam you've been caught.
So to sum this all up, if you want to know the safest way to hack something and not get caught, it's to not do it. I mean sure the feds may not bother to go down to chain to find you, but if you do something illegal enough and become wanted they will.
If you really want to be as safe as possible, I do recommend using an off-shore vpn that doesn't keep logs. I recommend always using SSL, and to not give yourself a name for the feds to search for. For internet browsing tor is nice, even though its getting butt fucked with the 'Tors Hammer' DDoS method and Tor BotNets that have become popular lately.
I take no credit for this i just found it interesting and figured i should share it for informational purposes 
Full credit goes to Decision (on a different form)

Want to watch the us debt go up?

15 June 2014 - 05:31 PM