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When Social Justice ATTACKS #WhatWouldHueyDo

Posted by Mishelle, 10 May 2016 · 796 views

It will never cease to amaze me when I watch a Black person go in on racism and structural white supremacy but then turn right back around and spew some homophobic bullshit, or some sexist fuckery.


I'm loosely affiliated with the San Diego Black Lives Matter chapter. I don't go to the majority of their meetings because most of their meetings are held during the work week. Guess who works during the week, this bitch, but I do try to make it to the events that have on weekends that I'm available. My friend Catherine is way more involved that I am and has put in so much work into this organization despite the fact that she is not Black. She goes to all the meetings, she shows up at all of the rallies, and she helps admin the BLMSD Facebook page, etc.


This woman named Desiree, who has also been deeply involved with BLMSD because of her own experiences with her son almost being choked to death by SDPD, posted on the page that "She supports LGBT Black folks because of their Black skin but ~does not agree with their lifestyle~".


BLMSD is actively involved with the Black LGBT Coalition and a lot of them expressed discomfort with that kind of post coming from a page admin. Many LGBT people stated that they didn't feel comfortable continuing to fight alongside people who clearly don't see them as equals. That is why Desiree, along with some others who felt the same way she did, were removed from the page.


Well, Desiree lost her shit. She started a new group stating that BLMSD has a ~hidden agenda~ and that she will NEVER support homosexuality because she is a GOD FEARING CHRISTIAN WOMAN. She created a group called "Black Lives Matter IN San Diego"
and tried to convince people to leave the official BLMSD group and join her group because she felt that the majority of BLM supporters were just as homophobic as she was.


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What really gets me is the fact that the entire national BLM movement was started by three queer Black women, and they constantly speak out about how their work has been co-opted by homophobic cishetero Black people. Hell, even the woman who created BLMSD is a queer Black woman! So how are you going to state that there's an "agenda at play" when the women who literally put in the work to start this movement just want people like themselves represented in it? It doesn't make any sense!


Catherine linked Desiree to the core values listed on the Black Lives Matter page and showed her that this movement is not only pro-Black but it is also queer affirming and trans affirming. Being affirmative doesn't mean you can sit there and "tolerate" folks different from you while secretly judging them. It means you have to accept the myriad of different intersectionally oppressed Black folks or this movement just isn't for you. Catherine was completely shut down and told that she has no right to critique Desiree or call her out because Catherine isn't Black. She's Latina. I personally think it's bullshit because Catherine was only saying exactly what the founders of the fucking movement have said themselves multiple times. But that's not gonna convince this bitch, so I decided to step up to the plate and drag her myself because at least she can't say what I'm saying isn't valid because I'm not Black.


So I told Catherine that I would try to talk to Desiree and get her to understand that she's exercising her privilege as a straight person when she claims "not to agree with their lifestyle" when no one fucking asked her how she feels about their sexuality.


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I didn't even cuss her out, even though I really wanted to. I simply told her that you cannot use the Black Lives Matter name if you are not queer affirmative and trans affirmative as explicitly stated in the core values. I told her that you can't be expected to fight for the equality of ALL marginalized Black people if you do not accept ALL marginalized Black people. I told her that she should change the name of her page because she's hurting our movement by perpetuating homophobia under the guise of Christian dogma. I also stated that if you do not see ALL Black people as equals despite their sexuality, gender identity, etc, that you will never be trusted to truly fight for their equality. That's just not how this whole thing works.


Desiree went straight for my scalp. She basically told me that Black Lives Matter was a movement created in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin and that ALL Black people are allowed to participate in this movement. And she talked about how she's put in so much work for this organization and she doesn't even know who I am. She then proceeded to post a bunch of pictures of her at BLM events saying "where you been?" "I haven't seen you" "where you been?"


Well, she's right. I'm not as involved as she is. Most of their events are during the week and I work full time during the week. Most of the events are also held in San Diego proper, where I do not live. I live in North San Diego County 30+ minutes away. If I do want to go to an event I would have to get a ride and most of my friends with cars also work during the week.


But then it hit me that I don't have to explain anything to this bargain bin bitch. How is she going to tell me that the movement is for ALL Black people while perpetuating homophobia against Black people and claiming that my opinion on her homophobia is "invalid" because I'm not as involved as she is?


So I told her exactly where I've been. I've been AT WORK ALL FUCKING DAY and yet I took time out of my shitty day (when I could be relaxing smoking a blunt) to try to explain to her watermelon head ass how to be more inclusive in the movement that she claims to want to succeed. What I do, or don't do, doesn't change the FACT that her words have turned people off of the grassroots movement where we need more diversity beyond cishetero ~GAWD FEARIN CHRISTIANS~ like herself. I said that she can't claim that Black Lives Matter when she clearly doesn't believe that ALL Black Lives Matter. Then I linked her to a myriad of articles detailing the queer identities of the women who founded the movement, the about us page for the movement, and the core values of the movement so she can see that without a doubt if she doesn't like gay people that this movement isn't for her.


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She doesn't respond to ANYTHING I said. She continues to go on about how she's put in so much work with this movement and that's it's being co-opted for the ~gay agenda~ and that she has every right to band together like minded Black people because she believes that the majority of members feel the exact same way that she does. It just blows my fucking mind because this movement is so closely involved with Black queer folks. The originators of the movement are Black queer folks. The creator of the San Diego chapter is a Black queer person. The person who lead the entire march that I attended was a Black queer woman. So how can you marginalize the WOMEN WHO BIRTHED THIS SHIT????!!!!!!!


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That's when I decided to get petty.I told her that this is exactly why she was kicked out of the group, and why she's mad about it. She thinks that all of her work has absolved her of any critique, and she's using her work to derail the conversation and gaslight people into not holding her accountable for her actions. Again, I copied word for word the trans affirmative and queer affirmative core values from the webpage and told her if she cant manage that maybe she should start a new page called Hetero Black Lives Matter or something like that.


And that's when I got blocked from the page. Apparently she did eventually change the name and messaged the founder of BLMSD stating that she changed the name and it's all "love peace and chicken grease"...whatever the hell that means. There's going to be a BLMSD meeting this Sunday to discuss all the drama that's gone down. I hope she shows up too so I can be like


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*finger snaps in the air* Roast that bitch, extra crispy.

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*slow clap* That ending. Perfecto.
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