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Posted by Karla, 04 January 2018 · 977 views


TLDR: 2017 was an okay year.


- On the bright side, I was able to kickstart my career as a graphic designer. I got an internship with a privately held Financial Advisory firm called Monument Wealth Management. I really enjoyed my time there, and I wish it could have turned into a full-time job. But alas, it was not to be.
- My second internship was with a Marketing agency called ImageWorks Creative. I was hoping I'd learn a lot from there, but I didn't. They had me do mundane tasks any child could do, and they were stingy with payment. To add insult to it all, they gave me very little notice about my last day, so I was frantically looking for jobs.
- I applied for over 50 jobs, got 17 interviews (Phone and in person), completed 3 assessments, and only got offers from 2 places. The job offer I accepted was from my previous college. It's a part time job, but at least looking for full-time work will be much easier when my time there is done.


Natural Occurances
- Nature was cruel to our neighborhood. Trees were falling down left and right, gusty winds accompanied by torrential rain, and probably one of the hottest summers I've experienced in my entire life. Our house was almost hit by two trees, and our unlucky next door neighbor had a tree pretty much destroy their patio. The rain was so bad one time, that a coworker of mine had their car flooded.


Things could've gone better...
- Early this January I got side-swept at a risky intersection. It wasn't even my fault either, because the idiot drifted out of his lane. It took some weeks to get my car fixed, and it turned out more expensive than we previously thought. I'm just glad I didn't get side-swept by a truck.
- My mother was being a complete asshole this year. I couldn't stand her, so I pretty much separated myself from her for about 2 months. I could've gone longer, but I needed her help to get somethings done. I still hate her, but I'm going to hold back my anger until I'm in more of a position to go out on my own. I should also mention that she's pretty much on bad terms with everyone, and is continuing to be a holier-than-thou hypocrite. And it's thanks to her that I can never see my aunt anymore.
- I've gotten to the point where I hate playing with my orchestra. Sure, they pay me to play $50 a week, but it's not worth it. It's not worth traveling to another state in heavy traffic just so I could rehearse a bunch of boring songs with a bunch of people who don't like me. So I've basically given it up. Mom's not happy about it, but who cares what she thinks. It's my life, my decision.


- I didn't see very many movies this year, but the ones I did see, I basically enjoyed. My favorite movies were Get Out and Wonder Woman.
- After several years, I finally got to see The Book of Mormon. I enjoyed it immensely. XD
- I got a PS4 last Christmas, and I've only played it twice. I've been focusing on work more than play this year.


- I think we can all agree that the world, especially the U.S., has been enveloped with a politically hostile atmosphere. Especially ever since Donald Trump got elected. I usually like to keep my political opinions quiet for the sake of preserving friendships, but I'll talk about how I've felt politically during 2017. I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump, but unfortunately I found myself agreeing with a few of his views, especially when it came to immigration and human policy. Don't get me wrong, there's no way we're gonna curb illegal immigration with a damn wall, but at least he's acknowledging that there's a problem with illegal immigration. I'm also not fond of us giving money to countries who are on bad terms with us and like to chant "Death to America." The things I disagree with Trump on is pretty much everything else. XD


To sum it all up, this year was good for me productivity-wise, but personally, it's one of the worst when it came to my mental health. I honestly don't see 2018 being any better.

Woo, congratz on go to see The Book of Mormon.

I love that musical <3

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Sounds like you had a productive year. I'm impressed you were able to recall all of that.

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