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Passive Aggressiveness at its finest

Posted by Keil, 04 January 2019 · 1,639 views

Here's the last two solutions. I've come full circle. I've become the Sweeney whomst've used blogs to post answers.


Worth if it meant more people posting blogs.


Conundrum #2 - Answer: Angelpuss Smiley

  • Neoboard themed.
  • All the horizontal boxes were the English subforum names for the boards.
  • The "English only" was originally meant to be a reference to TNT shutting down every other language for neopets. I wasn't 100% sure on this case, but it worked out because there were only enough boxes for the English variants of the board names.
  • The hint referred to a warf. Check out the item description for said petpet.
  • Answer found here. Scroll all the way down.
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Conundrum #3 - Answer: Royal Potionary

  • It's a literal journey from the three outside maps of the medievally themed worlds. Subtlety is my forte.
  • The water tidbit means she can't travel over direct water.
  • I am proud of the last picture's drawing. It's my first drawn OC. I named him Mappy the Justice Feminist Krawk. Everyone loves him and he punches evil in the left tit.
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I am absolutely exhausted/braindead at the moment, and I just wanted to say that find these solutions absolutely fascinating to look at, but I'm totally ashamed at the struggle I'm having to get my brain to comprehend it! Random question, do you mind if I ask why you're so keen for people to be posting blogs? [side not, I came here to post for the newbie scab, but I'm genuinely interested in what attracts you to blogs!!]

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