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So... sometimes living in Australia sucks balls.....

Posted by Strategist, 02 January 2015 · 967 views

So yeah, driving to work one morning not too long ago.... THIS HAPPENED.



Long story short-ish:

Got up for work on what was to be my 3rd last day for the year (then holidays, finally!). It's 4:45am and I'm heading up the usual roadway to work. All seems rather calm and quiet, unusual for me as I generally get caught behind a truck or two doing waaaay under the speed limit. So yeah, this unsettled me a little, but on I drove. About 2kms out from home I'm driving up the usual hill on the usual road travelled to work.


What the EFF WAS THAT?

Out of no where, a rogue 'Roo as big as friggin' Arnie jumps out from a property on the left side of the car and collides directly into the side of my baby with a loud thud.

I gathered my thoughts momentarily before pulling up on the side of the road a bit further up. I figured, it wasn't THAT bad of a hit, but I best check any damage. Welp.... let's just say a ~80kg roo and thin steel panels on a car don't mix.....

So after surveying said damage (see pics above), I headed back down the road from whence I came to see if there was any sign of the rogue. Not a thing, no blood, no other bits or pieces... nothing..... I was scared, to say the least (and felt really bad for the Roo after getting over my initial shock/anger at the situation). So I said... 'Bugger going to work now.... cars fucked... and I can't deal with that shit right now'. Made a call to my insurance company about half hour after the incident, they were very helpful and sympathetic. Car goes in to be fixed next week-ish and should be done by the time I go back to work.

Never heard or saw of the 'Roo again since, hopefully he survived (unlikely) but if he didn't I hope he didn't suffer too much. I copped a heap of hate from a couple of family members on my personal FB page about 'not going back and putting it out of it's misery' or 'WHAT ABOUT THE ROO? POOR THING IS DYING THERE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD'..... -_- Two things... FUCK YOU, don't worry about me or anything.... The other thing, learn to read before jumping to conclusions, bitches... I WENT BACK, ROO WASN'T THERE..... bugger going into the scrub lookin' for a fucked up Arnie that probably would take my eyes out if I even went near it.... /rant

So in short... car's totaled (repairable though which is good... in a way...), I nearly died... (if it had hit head on, I possibly would not be here to tell the tale) and I'm out of pocket to pay for the damages to be repaired.





So yeah, be mindful of animals on the road, anywhere, but ESPECIALLY Australia. Also, NEVER swerve to miss them, this is how people end up losing control and doing more damage to themselves than if they didn't swerve. I've seen it too much on the news lately about people trying to do the right thing and avoid hitting animals (which is commendable, I might add and probably instinct anyway), but then paying with their own lives.


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First off, I'm thrilled that you are here to tell the tale...secondly, that pic that I'm assumign Swarley put together rocks. :)


FINALLY: It's truly awesome to see ya blogging! ;)

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Bro I'm sorry that happened. But maybe you and I have different ideas of what the phrase "totaled" means :p

If you could continue driving it, then the motor and steering were fine. Looks like a lot of superficial damage, which is annoying and expensive, but not stopping you from going to work.

What most concerns me is the PIECE OF FUCKING ROO BONE STICKING OUTTA YOUR DOOR JAMB. What's up with that?
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Yeah when I say totaled, I'm way overreacting of course, because to me, the car was brand new, now it's not :( Even though it can be fixed and look like new, I know it isn't and that sucks :p


The crash shop hasn't done a total assessment of any further 'hidden' damages yet, as it may have bent the steering slightly or damaged the suspension etc etc and so on. Once that goes ahead, they will give me a preliminary report on all damages. All I will have to pay is my insurance excess which is only $400. The crash guys reckon it's done at least $8000 damage just for the paint job alone (pearl paint, needs to be blended all over the car, not just the affected panels). 


And yeah, I was just as shocked as you when I saw that piece of bone.... I was like... THE FUCK IS THAT IN MY DOOR?!? 

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My favorite strat story! (well actually the only ausie storry from strat) I am glad that you were ok though. 
I'm sorry that your car did get ruined by some giant walla---Kangaroo

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Glad you're okay, that sucks though -_- Your poor car.

"Two things... FUCK YOU,..." was my favorite part of this, but yeah that is super shitty. Now I understand wanting that drawing, which @swarley did a fantastic job on!

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That's scary...the piece just sticking out of the car, dang.

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Yikes. That's terrifying stuff. Sudden animal appearances can be pretty bad. Sorry you had to go through that, I know it's quite traumatic. I nearly died once crossing the road (as a pedestrian) when a cat decided to shoot across at the exact same moment. Basically, I tripped right in the middle of a busy road where timing is everything and the cat got kicked with the full weight of a human. It's horrible for all parties involved and not like there was the intention to injure, it's not cool to point fingers.


Probably not a good idea to go after it when it's just had a nasty shock and it's on panic aggressor mode anyway, at least not without a decent amount of knowledge and experience.


PS: New guy here if you didn't realize.

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Kangaroos can be real bastards but they pale in comparison to the damage a buffalo can do to your car.

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