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Cliffhanger Solutions

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It is always better to give than to receive
Do not try to talk to a shy peophin
Do not open a shop if you cannot smile
An idle mind is the best way to relax
Put all of your neopoints on poogle number two
The meat of a sporkle is bitter and inedible
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Get three times the taste with the triple dog
Let every zafara take care of its own tail
The barking of Lupes does not hurt the clouds
The tyrannian volcano is the hottest place in neopia
The battledome is near but the way is icy
Look out for the moehog transmogrification potion lurking around
Mika and Carassa Want You To Buy Their Junk
Your pet deserves a nice stay at the neolodge
Take your pet to tyrammet for a fabulous time
Stego is a baby stegosaurus that all neopets love
There is only one Ryshu and one Techo Master
Enter the lair of the beast if you dare
Treat your usul well and it will be useful
Every neopet should have a job and a corndog
Sticks n stones are like the greatest band ever
Plesio is the captain of the tyrannian sea division
Poogle five is very chubby but is lightning quick
Terror Mountain is home to the infamous Ski Lodge
Meercas are to blame for all the stolen fuzzles
Magical ice weapons are from the ice cave walls
Poogles have extremely sharp teeth and they are cuddly
Uggaroo follows footsteps to find food for his family
Neopets battledome is not for the weak or sensitive
Congratulations to everybody who helped defeat the evil monoceraptor

Copy directly from the game then paste here and hit solve!

or Solve with AJAX

About Cliffhanger

This page contains all the answers to Cliffhanger. You can find this game on Neopets here.

Why play?
You can get 1,500 NP a day from this game and intelligence for your pet. Intellegince is rewarded randomly.

How do I play?
Chose a difficulty. Click start. Count the words and then come back to this guide. Find the section that has blanks with that number of words. Look at the brackets next to it. It contains the letters in each word. Go back to the game count how many letters are in the first word then second. Come back and match it up. That is your answer. Hints are sorted with the shortest words to the longest.

What is the "Solver"?
If you want to use the help of the solver to check if your answer is correct copy and paste exactly what you see in your cliffhanger game. You can have submitted letters or you can leave it totally blank. For example:

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _     _  _  _  _  _     _  _     _  _  _  _  _     _     _  _  _     _  _  _
_ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _

Then hit solve and you will be given the answer. In this case "Everyone loves to drink a hot cup of borovan now and then"