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NP; price marked on Mr Irgo Stamp - FIVE (Hydrogen)
Naalala colour with a skirt - ISLAND (Falafel)
Name of The Luckiest Babaa - FURGLES (Falafel)
Name of the Negg Faerie - KARI (Noitidart)
Name of the Neopian Lottery Machine - ARTHUR
Name of the Shoyru Scout - TORSHAC
Name of the purple power up in Pterattack - PTERBOOM
Name of the repair Wocky in Sewage Surfer - MATT
Necessary for an eclipse - KRELUDOR
Need one to train on Mystery Island - CODESTONE
Negg known for it's rotten Battledome tricks - EVIL
Negg known for its rotten Battledome tricks - EVIL
Negg worth 90 tokens - CRACKED (Noitidart)
Negg; Costs 64 tokens at the Neggery - CACKLING
Neil ________. Stock market Kau - KAUVATO
NeoCola's competitor - ACHYFI
NeoPet companion - PETPET
NeoPets _____; all the latest in Neopian merchandise - STUFF
NeoPets screensaver that tells you all about pets - PROFILES
Neo_____; Neopian equivalent of catnip - CRITTER
Neoboard that is regularly deleted and recreated - PLOTBOARD
Neodaq _____ - INDEX
Neodaq ticker symbol for The Auction Genie - TAG
Neohome location with rainbows - FAERIELAND (cakebake2490)
Neonip _____; sure to please your pet - CRITTER
Neopedia claims The Stuff _____ in size each day - DOUBLES
Neopedia: The ___ Raider - YURBLE
Neopet day celebrated right before the Discovery of Meridell - RUKI
Neopet from the Lost Desert - RUKI
Neopet head on Ancient Shenkuu Cannon - DRAIK (Amarillo)
Neopet in charge of Word of the Day - BRUCE
Neopet in charge of Ye Olde Petpets - IXI (WeirdChick)
Neopet on Dead of Night TCG card - WERELUPE (Noitidart)
Neopet on the cover of Don't Call Me Cute - UNI
Neopet species beloved by the Golden Pteri - PTERI (Ladida)
Neopet species in charge of offering conundrums - LENNY (finder86)
Neopet species of Lampwyck - BUZZ (Noitidart)
Neopet species on Book Award gold trophy - JUBJUB (Noitidart)
Neopet species on the 10th Birthday avatar - MEERCA (jcrboy)
Neopet species on the left in Ugga Drop - KACHEEK (Noitidart)
Neopet species that can eat anything - GRARRLS (jcrboy)
Neopet species that runs Molten Morsels - BRUCE (Ints)
Neopet species with wearable Tooth Faerie Wings - BRUCE (Noitidart)
Neopet species; Tyrannian Colouring Page 27 - KOI (Hydrogen)
Neopet species; has wearable spats - POOGLE (marryjanewaston)
Neopet species; lemon when jelly - BLUMAROO (Hydrogen)
Neopet whose battle cry is 'Chirka chirka chirka!' - XWEETOK
Neopet with a great fondness for Neggs - MEERCA
Neopet with extra-swirly ears - YURBLE
Neopet with the secret of enlightenment - NIMMO
Neopet; Flotsams, BEWARE! - JETSAM
Neopet; Mystery Island’s fiercest growler - KOUGRA
Neopet; cute when happy, scary when mad - POOGLE
Neopet; gigantic tails and enormous ears! - USUL
Neopets; two pincers, four legs - RUKI
Neopia's Favorite Dice Game; Dice-A-_____ - ROO
Neopia's Moon - KRELUDOR
Neopia's creature of the night - KORBAT
Neopia's only TV network is on this channel - ONE
Neopia's only stock exchange - NEODAQ
Neopia's top ranked Gormball player - THYASSA
Neopian Company; stock symbol is five letters - EEEEE (Noitidart)
Neopian Times version of the funny papers - COMICS
Neopian Treasure _____ - HUNT
Neopian ____ Time; NST - STANDARD (Noitidart)
Neopian _____ is currently 2.35% - INFLATION
Neopian cultivators have this many prongs - FOUR
Neopia’s favourite blue and brown vegetable! - CHOKATO
Neopia’s favourite blue and brown vegetable! - CHOKATO (finder86)
Neowaiian _____ - BREAD
Never feed these Petpets carrots! - FLOUDS
Never lose your keys again with this vine - RING
New Year ___ Dragon - YURBLE
New robot Acara book - WHIRR
Nickname of Shoyru who replaced Dasher Soley - DINKSY (Falafel)
Nigel the Chia's sports car is this color - RED
Nimmo Battledome Ability - LEVITATE
Nimmo Battledome ability - LEAP
Nimmo _____; Video - YOGA
Nimmo battle ___; learn about great Nimmo warriors - CRY
No bopping without this - MOP
Noil colour with bandages - ZOMBIE (finder86)
Non-venomous cousin of the Crabula - SPYRABOR (jcrboy)
None of her pets EVER misbehave - MAVARA
Not a very tasty Toadstool - PINK
Not explained in Apple Bobbing Bart: A Biography - HAT (chellybellychizza)
Not red, blue, or baby; the other Random Event colour - INVISIBLE
Not the youngest princess in Shenkuu - LUNARA
Not to be confused with Lemonade - LEMORANADE (Isfahel)
Not your average sub sandwich - SUPERSUB
Notorious for stealing cinnamon buns - YURBLE
Nova ___; Key Quest minigame devoted to stars - MATCHER
Number ___ plushie - SIX
Number ___; avatar by having identical NP - SIX
Number after five and before seven - SIX
Number game with no zero - ROODOKU
Number of Alabrisses to choose from in Chariot Chase - FOUR (jcrboy)
Number of Chairs in the Ski Lodge Library - TWO
Number of Dice-A-Roo dice - FIVE
Number of Mint Rolls in one serving - FOUR
Number of Poogles racing - FIVE
Number of Uber-Faeries - SIX
Number of VIP Neofriends that you can have - FIFTY
Number of arrows in the bullseye of the Toy Bullseye - ONE (Hydrogen)
Number of bombs you start with in Nimmo's Pond - THREE
Number of buildings visible underwater at Kiko Lake - FOUR
Number of chimneys visible in Faerie City - TWO (Noitidart)
Number of coconuts in Usuki Coconut Set - FOUR (nkk)
Number of ears on the Reject Gelert Plushie - THREE
Number of eyes on a Meowclops - ONE
Number of eyes on a Mutant Walking Carpet - TWO (Noitidart)
Number of holes in an Alien Aisha Helmet - FIVE (Noitidart)
Number of lampposts visible in Happy Valley - FIVE (Noitidart)
Number of magic tricks shown in Magic for Beginners - TEN (Falafel)
Number of orange stars on the Kreludor Altador Cup logo - THREE (Noitidart)
Number of paint blobs on the Yurble Artist Palette - FOUR (Falafel)
Number of patches visible on a Plushie Schnelly - TWO (finder86)
Number of peas on the Pea Pen - EIGHT
Number of pompoms on a Clown Scorchio Shirt - TWO (Noitidart)
Number of pumpkins shown in the Deserted Fairground - FIFTEEN (Noitidart)
Number of real Faerie Queens - ONE
Number of real Faerie Queens - Submit Answer
Number of sharp teeth a Grobrin has - HUNDREDS (cakebake2490)
Number of symbols on the Tablet of Fire Runes - NINE (Falafel)
Number of tail feathers on a Lenny - THREE (Noitidart)
Number of toes on a Wibreth - FOUR (Noitidart)
Number of tokens an Orange Negg is worth - FOUR (jcrboy)
Number of wings on a Roasted Draphly Kabob - EIGHT (Noitidart)
Numbers needed for the Neopian Lottery - SIX

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