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New pet for my girls

01 February 2018 - 08:39 AM

Let me start by saying I'm a bit of a herpetologist (as in I love reptiles), my brother has 12 snakes, and I've always owned lizards. I used to have an adult green iguana named Lucy who at 7 foot would sleep on my shoulders as I walked around town, that was when my oldest was a year old. I also had a Savannah monitor lizard that was 6 foot long but was not good with people except me so she wasn't a good pet for my girls by any means. She would try to attack anyone who wasn't me that stepped in her room (yes, at 6 foot she had her own room in my house due to the fact that she needed wandering room but I couldn't trust her with anyone but me). So today, a couple weeks after my oldest daughter's birthday, I bought her and her sister a new lizard. She's been named lizzy already, but meet my girls' 4 week old bearded dragon.