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Marijuana Legalization

06 June 2018 - 06:27 PM




Canada is set to be the first G7 nation to legalize marijuana... this is equivocal to when alcohol ended many decades ago. 

Medical marijuana has been federally legal in Canada for quite a while now with sources coming from licensed producers.

This emerging industry is something unlike we have seen on this scale with it projected to topple alcohol sales in our country. 


Different provinces are taking to it differently and on a whole the entire country is being looked to by other nations as a blueprint for their own legalization plans. 

Canada already exports marijuana to a number of nations with deals involving Australia, Germany, Italy, Greece and more.



So, this begs the question(s):


How do YOU feel about the taboo around weed lifting?

How is it perceived where you live? 

Do you think it should be legal?



Please remember the forum rules when posting. Do not share images of you or others, licking the dabs or snorting the leafs. 

Feel free to refresh your memory of the forum rules if you're unsure of what you're about to post!

Ye - Kanye West

01 June 2018 - 03:37 PM





Kanye West's new album dropped today... what are your thoughts?



I think it's a lens into his mental health and he's quite candid about his experiences...

He talks about how he claimed 'slavery was a choice' and how Kim (his wife) refused to leave & her dedication to him.


It's an interesting listen, it's short with only 7 tracks and a 24 minute run time. To me, it feels reminiscent of older Kanye, graduation days even. The beats are really good for the heavy subject matter.


For me, it isn't his best work but it's raw and I appreciate it. 


I'd love to know your initial thoughts, criticisms or accolades. 


Are you over Kanye? concerned? disinterested?  

Movie Chat: Solo

28 May 2018 - 10:50 AM

Solo: A Star Wars Story came out this past weekend and it really got me thinking; I'm wondering if anyone else on the forum has thoughts or reviews on the film...




I saw it opening night and the theatre was really empty. I bought my tickets pretty in advance as usual because often times opening night here sells out quickly. 


There was a lot of drama around the film: Whether the story warranted a film, director drama (Ron Howard came onto the project 10 months ago long after production had started), casting drama (Alden Ehrenreich as Han?), should the film come out Memorial Day weekend (it's often seen as a dumping ground for films with low expectations) and the inevitable Star Wars fatigue that people are feeling with four films being released in four years. 




Have you seen Solo: A Star Wars Story? 


Do you plan on it?


Did you think it was wrong to ever make this into a film?


Any other thoughts and comments? Do you feel they should make this many films? What others would you like to see made? 


** Spoilers tag contains my full review and anything that may ruin movie for others ** 


Personally, I was a huge cynic going into the film. I got tickets because I am Star Wars trash and even if I was going to hate it, I had to see it - unspoiled. I thought that the film did NOT need to be made, a HUGE part of Han Solo lure for me is his mystery... his dice, the story of the Kessel run, how he got the Millenium Falcon from Lando...


Coming out of the film, I was pleasantly surprised. I had some things that I was not super impressed by (in the spoilers) BUT overall I thought it was really enjoyable and I think I'm going to go again this week to really solidify my thoughts on it. It was not perfect, you could see a lot of things coming if you've seen the other films but it had a lot of merit to it.


The cast was diverse, the soundtrack was well done (what Star Wars film isn't though?), the visuals were really great and the humour was typical. 


I'd give it a solid 75-80/100. I'll likely cement my score after another viewing. 


Now onto the nitty gritty: 



Spring Soirée - A Quiz

20 April 2018 - 06:10 PM



Hello, Welcome to a Spring has Sprung quiz!


It finally feels like Spring here (first day it hasn't dipped into freezing temperatures!)

So I figure I'd have us a little quiz like I used to do =) (Thanks to @Adam for reminding me!)


Feel free to share your answers below, discuss or just let me know what you love about Spring!

I look forward to seeing your feelings about this bloomin time of year =) 


1. How does Spring rank amongst the seasons for you?


2. What sounds remind you most of Spring?


3. What is Spring like where you live? Is it hot, cold, wet, dry?


4. Any fun plans over the next couple of months before Summer?


5. Will you be planting a garden? Any favourite crops? Anything you've wanted to garden but haven't?


6. What is a trip you would love to take in the Spring? 




What game should neocodex dominate next?

10 April 2018 - 08:56 PM

Hello as per the title, what game should neocodex move on to?


We have slowed down, many of us banned from our beloved neopets (sometimes at the hands of traitors...>:[)




Here is a link to a list of many popular games that Nitro shared to me....I has created a poll


Please note there is a horse game, just saying... horse girls are v. v. kewl okay.


Also lord of the rings








Thank you in advance