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The Beginning of New

Posted by Sorbetgirl, 12 December 2019 · 1391 views

Hello everyone.
I joined Neocodex ages ago but haven't really been active on this forum for a loooong time. I have been a member of a different Neopets forum but I need some new beginnings so have ventured back to Neocodex. I hope it's still a fairly active forum :)


I play Neopets for nostalgic reasons!


Sorbetgirl fun facts:
- I loooooove icecream and sorbet. Any flavor, any time of day (or night). My ultimate is Apple Pie flavored ice cream and Dulce de Leche flavor. Also Cadbury Creme Egg Flavor. And Coconut .... ahh... I'll stop :)


- I own a mini ragdoll cat who watches me play Neopets. She's mini because she was the runt of the litter so she never grew to full size. She's a very pretty fur baby though!


- I've played Neopets since I was a little kid. I love both UCs (old art) and customizing pets. Kacheeks are my favourite to customize.


- I'm really interested in healthcare and keeping fit and I work as a profession in this field


- On Neopets I'm an avid Avatar Collector! Not sure what it is about them, I just love those little things!

Nice to meet you, im an avvie collector too! :]

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