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I really miss you guys

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#1 CopperSnake

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Posted 11 March 2024 - 05:28 PM

I just wanted to say that I'm really happy this forum/website is back up and running. My dad is the one that introduced me to this entire autobuyer/forum/community and we've been playing Neopets together for the past 20 years. If Pyro ever sees this, just know I'm super excited for when the autobuyer comes back up, and that I'm super happy everybody will (hopefully) come back! And Pyro, I'm also happy you haven't burned away, like your name suggests xD

#2 Pyro699

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Posted 27 March 2024 - 10:53 AM

We miss you too.


Glad to hear you have some fond memories! Also, the whole pyro thing kinda implies that I am the one playing with fire and burning things ;) Not that I am burning myself!


I am doubtful that the autobuyer will make a return, i am doing what I can to keep the lights on in the hopes of keeping this place around for archival sakes.


It is good to be able to go back and reflect on the stupid stupid stupid decisions we made back in the day.

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