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Awkward Everyday Stuff > Passive Aggressiveness at its finest

Posted 04 January 2019

Here's the last two solutions. I've come full circle. I've become the Sweeney whomst've used blogs to post answers. Worth if it meant more people posting blogs. Conundrum #2 - Answer: Angelpuss Smiley
Neoboard themed.
All the horizontal boxes were the English subforum names for the boards.
The "English only" was originally meant to be a referen...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > The neopets black market is a buyer's market

Posted 30 November 2018

Nothing in Neopets is worth spending hours on the game to achieve.
(with the exception of spotlights like lookup, art gallery, and the Neopian Times that carry real creative skills outside the game, but that is neither here nor there.)  There is no reason to spend 30+ hours within a quarter of the year in the Pound Chat bumping boards, faking politen...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > Slowly bumping Sweeney's puzzle blogs out of relevancy

Posted 13 October 2018

Due to popular demand, as in mildly requested by Neoquest, here are pics of my rabbit. 
https://i.imgur.com/oVS1WBn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KAXdUk4.jpg  
Meet the former Penelope Ostengarde of Poppy Starcluster, currently dubbed myself as POOPS. The title former is due to the fact that at 11 months old, it has been confirmed that a "female rabbi...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > Sweeney's not the only one who can blog

Posted 10 October 2018

A list of random thoughts
Feels good combo breaking Sweeney's blog chain.
Feels sad there hasn't been a new blog since Sweeney's last burst fo activity.
I've been lurking NeoCodex's Slack, but my life is so different and I can't even remotely relate to what the people are saying so much so I don't even post there.
I did want to chat initially, but then I...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > 2017 According To the Hunger Game's Distant Uncle That No One Talks About

Posted 09 March 2017

This is from the 1989 movie "The Running Man" with a tight Arnold Schwarzenegger in an equally tight yellow jumpsuit. A good cheese film so much so the lactose intolerant would enjoy it. In a dystopian society, Schwarzenegger's character gets framed for mass murder through the same television techniques that mak...