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#1637122 ValorSuite (MSAB, ShapeShifter Solver, Auction Sniper, Kad Feeder, Money Tree...

Posted by Valorous on 04 November 2012 - 07:56 PM

ValorSuite is a Neopets Bot designed to automate many of the tedious tasks Neopets presents.


What's done:

  • Auction Sniper
  • Main Shop AutoBuyer
  • ShapeShifter Solver
  • Money Tree Grabber
  • Kad Feeder
  • Rubbish Dump Grabber
  • Kitchen Quest
  • User Shop Auto Buyer
  • Daily Automator
  • Edna Quest
  • Abandoned Attic Autobuyer
  • Auto Trainer (including Ninja)
  • SDB AutoPricer
  • Inventory Manager
  • Trudy Slot Machine
  • Pet Feeder
  • Multithreading
  • Scheduler
  • RamTester
  • Databasing
  • Proxy Support
  • Super Shop Wizard
  • Something Happened Event Notification.
  • Premium Events Handler
  • Move items to shop.
  • Withdraw from till
  • AutoUpdater due to popular demand.
  • Automatic bank interest collect (it's silent).
  • Shop Pricer
  • Spot Price Checker
  • Faerie Quest Automator
  • Cloud Pricing


  • Whatever else the community would like

When you start the software it will automatically update.

I will add requested features as long as I have the neopoints to develop.

Donate to keep the program up:

If anything does not work the way you expect it to then please report the issue in this topic.

Requirements for Windows:
- http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=30653
- https://www.microsof...s.aspx?id=48145

Requirements for Mac / Linux (not presently functioning without Amazon EC2):
- Mono framework. You're responsible for finding this for your specific OS.
- Use Amazon EC2 Free Windows Instance.

Special Thanks:
- Napiform. You've been a huge help in the development. Your knowledge of Neopets and donations have kept this project going.

#1646631 [Program] Neoquest's Auto Trainers

Posted by Neoquest on 31 January 2013 - 05:42 PM

Neoquest's Auto Trainers




This post now contains both a Ninja School Auto Trainer and a Training School Auto Trainer. Both are used in exactly the same way.








Please post to leave feedback, comments, and suggestions! :)



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#1649819 [Program] Neoquest's AutoBattler

Posted by Neoquest on 20 February 2013 - 07:48 PM



Neoquest's AutoBattler


I plan to update this depending on how TNT changes the battledome to work with plot opponents.








Other Info/Disclaimer:






Please leave comments/suggestions/thoughts. :)

Download link: https://www.dropbox....uncher.exe?dl=1 (don't download the thing attached to this post - use this link)

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#1477607 S/S2 Addendum: Scot's Guide To Autobuying

Posted by Scot on 01 July 2011 - 02:57 AM

Super/System 2 - Part II: AutoBuying Guide*

*Disclaimer: This guide does not apply to the following shops: Magic, Battle Magic, Defense Magic, Tyrannian petpets, Magical marvels, Royal Potionery, Merifoods. You’re on your own.

To start, have 60k – 500k or so on hand, depending on the shop. Determine where you want the items to go after buying. Either put it in your safety deposit box or shop but don't leave it in your inventory. ABrosia will automatically stop if your inventory is full. Next step, if you want to auto price it is set what criteria you want to price. I use Lowest because I want my prices to be lowest out of multiple searches.

Once in a while, when the system determines you've refreshed too much, you'll get a Restock Ban which is where all stores will tell you they've sold out when they really haven't. These last between 12-48h, find something to do during that time. By default, the AB will switch to igloo autobuying but these have a limit of 10 items per day. Iglooing isn’t bad but you will need to set your profit margin to less than 5000. You’ll get a lot of neat items to supplement your income.

Settings: Your settings should reflect how much risk you want to take. Too slow will make you miss restocks, too fast will get you banned quicker.

Refresh Rates
5-30: Patient Grasshopper
5-12: normal sane aber

4 – 8: Scot <------- this is ideal (tweakable)
3-8: Noit

Buy Times(Prehaggle + OCR total):

1.5+ - Living life in the slow lane
.6 – 1.5: normal <----------- ideal
.5 – 1.1: still safe
.4 - .9: risky

Split this more or less evenly to achieve the total.




Advanced Restock Tactics:
Timing: Different shops are better at different times of the day. You should find a shop you like and experiment during different times in order to maximize profit. Since I like to keep to 5 hours a day, I make sure that those 5 hours are spent buying as much as possible. If you aren’t doing well during a specific timeframe, move it to another. Not every day will follow the same pattern. For example, weekdays are better than weekends because there are less people, or rather people with less free time. Mornings and afternoons are better than evenings because you have all the leet players aka teenagers in school. Half Price day is a special day when you must AB as much as you can whenever you can.

Other factors that may affect success rate: latency. ABing at night does give you the advantage of being closer to np servers, provided that you live in North America. Latency is more important than connection speed.

How to choose shops:
Clearing/Shophunting: This explains half price day and why ABing is much better on that day, but you must use this strategy everyday. When a shop is full, there is not much chance for new items to appear. If you see a shop with 3-4 full rows of items, that shop will hardly stock anything good, or fewer quantities of them. Advanced RSers like to “clear” a shop to make room for more items during the next restock by buying up junk, hoping that the potential profit they make offsets the investment. What does this have to do with you? Before you decide to AB, take a look inside a shop and see how empty it is. During busy time periods, you’ll see < 1 row, meaning a big restock is coming and you should AB there. This doesn’t mean you won’t catch good items with a full shop, but you will have to compete with more people scrambling over the same item. On half price day, most people buy what they can because their profit margin has improved, so a lot of the “clearing” is done for you, unintentionally.

Shops: If you are not advanced yet, you don’t have a lot of control but you do have a little. The key here is to focus on your controllables. As mentioned, there are peak times when it is better than others. Stick to mornings and afternoons. Restart the AB as necessary to start in the shop you want.

If you are advanced, you may ask the following question: “But Scot! How will I know which shops to AB at?” The answer is simple, do you like getting big ticket items every now and then or do you like a small but steady stream of income. There are shops to fit all personalities!

Included is a chart to represent the type of profit you can make per shop. G/Y/R shows how easy it is to sell items from that shop. Shops that restock quickly vertically converge towards the top left corner. Shops that are high profit converge towards the left corner. Ideally, you want to stay as close to the top left corner as possible, but I prefer to stay close to the middle.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, just the shops I am familiar with. What I didn’t include is how dangerous each shop is to AB in, this should be obvious: Magic, Battle Magic, Defense Magic, Tyrannian petpets, Magical marvels, Royal Potionery, Merifoods are all dangerous. Approach with caution, unless your account is less than 3 months. If it is, don’t bother with those shops. Accounts < 16 days stick to the pharmacy.

Follow this simple chart.


Strategy: I prefer to stick to things I can sell in my shop. People either want your item for that price or they don’t, easy as that. The items in the middle of the chart are medium profit items that restock quickly enough you can make np purely by quantity over quality.

Low Rarity expensive items: Another strategy is to hunt for special items that are worth more than their rarity dictates: Gourmet cooking for your pet( r50), Bag of peanuts (r79), Snorkle Snout (r80), Zafara Double Agent Plushie (r90), Kacheek Pyjama Cap (r93). The reason being is they are worth as much as UBs but stock more often and in larger quantities.

Unbuyables: UBs are a double-edged sword because they are more time consuming to sell but yield massive profits. In the following data portion of this report, you will see that auction/trading post profits comprise a large chunk of my profits. Your preference will dictate what shops you go to. Advanced members can go to the restock list and sort items by profit > descending to get an idea of what range the items fall into and decide whether or not you want to mess with UB heavy shops. The more time you are available to spend onsite to check neomails for offers, the more profit you can make. If you decide to go down this path, the UBs will start to pile up over time and you may find yourself liquidating them in your shop at prices that would make resellers look like non-assholes. To make cash-money, refer to the Ultimate Guide on How To Sell UBs. In all seriousness, to sell your items you need to not take the IDb too seriously, as prices can fluctuate wildly to the tune of a few hundred k up or down. Sell HTS for what you can get it for. Throw 200-250k items in your shop for 99,999 and go do something worthwhile with your time.

And that’s how Scot ‘C’s it.

#1371427 [Flash]AoB Master List

Posted by Coilvect on 09 December 2010 - 03:21 AM

Welcome to Coilvect's Master AoB thread.

By now your probably wondering what the fuck is an AoB. The term AoB means Array of Bytes. Flash games are formed up from hex digits such as 66 e1 4e so on and so forth. Each byte has a specific function and can be easily edited by using Cheat Engine. "Why use cheat engine when I can just score send?" To me its an easier way of getting trophies especially if your going for gold. I personally gained 10+ gold trophies without being iced. What your doing is modifying the assembly of a game to make it do something to your advantage such as infinite lives, ammo, health etc etc. Its harder to track this style of hacking due to it only modifying the local game thus it being harder to track.

The Tools:
Cheat Engine
Common Sense
The AoB codes which I will supply

How to use AoB's:


Quick Video Tutorial:


How do I know what code to look for and what to replace? Easy the AoB ontop is the code you search for and the code on the bottom is the one you replace it with.
Game Name:
Infinite Lives:
66 45 f4 e5 6a <- AoB to search for.
66 0a a1 1e 61 <- AoB to replace.
The Master List:


Games such as Black Pawkeet Slots, Brucey B Slots, Scamander Swarm, Habitarium are no hackable through this method. The flash that is loaded onto the page is just to display results and every single variable is saved and pulled from the server.

Wild Cards:
In some of the AoB's produced by myself there are these things called wild cards. Wild cards look like this ??. When you see a wild card leave those specific digits the same and just change the rest of the AoB.
66 8e 1e 39 ?? ?? ??
66 8f 9f e4 ?? ?? ??

All we are really changing are the highlighted code and the wildcards stay the same.

#916162 New and Improved Guide To Autobuying! Abrosia Style!

Posted by Rikku on 25 July 2007 - 10:51 AM

Rikku's ABing Guide (Updated September 2011)
By: Rikku


Ever wondered how all of us Neo-Billionares make all of our money? Ever wonder why you can never get a really expensive item that you want out of the main shops? In this guide you will learn the answers to all of these questions, and more. My main priority here however, will be to teach you how to efficiently use an ABer to get you filthy rich on Neopets and not get caught doing it. You will also learn about the different types of ABing on Neopets, and how to use them to your advantage. There are 3 things I will suggest you do before starting this guide though. Get really familiar with the site, this way you know what you're doing and not just simply flying through the guide hoping for the best. Read my other guide on how to start out on Neopets, which will also reinforce your familiarity with the site. And finally it will be in your interest to start this program with an older account, as compared to starting it with a 3 week old one. I will explain the reasoning for this later. Also if you do not understand any of the abbreviations I'm using, please just Google them, it's not that hard.

Main Shop ABing Intro!

This is it!! This is how most of the more experienced players on Neo make make millions of NP almost every week. This is also how most of the BDers afford their ridiculously overpriced weapons. Main shop ABing is one of 2 main types of ABing. It greatly differs from the other type, UABing, so it will require special training.

What is it?

Well, the name does kind of give it away. ABing is nothing more than buying items from Neopets' main shops for a super low price and reselling them for thousands more. Now you didn't think that I was going to tell you to sit in front of your computer all day and refresh on the same page all day long did you? No, AutoBuying, with just a click of a button will buy things for you. Why doesn't everyone do this you may ask? Well that's simple, it's because not everyone has access to a well made, working ABer that won't get you iced in minutes. Here on NeoCodex however, we have an extremely fast, incredibly well programmed, and a very human like Aber, Abrosia. Here at NeoCodex anyone can download and use the "trial" version until they reach Advanced Member rank by making 500 non Spam posts. The trial version is basically the full version of Abrosia it just has a few restrictions built in ensuring the safety of those who are new to ABing.

Getting Started

First thing is first, you need a working ABer, and by now I will assume that you have one. Get to know it a little and see what it has to offer. But don't quite start using it, I'm sure you don't know what all of the buttons do... yet. As I mentioned in the intro, you should have a good 100k by now, so if you haven't done so already, make a shop and increase it's size a little. A shop size 10 should do you just fine, unless you feel like you need a bigger one, you shouldn't have to worry about this aspect of the game for a long time. Your shop is crucial to your success in this "business" because this is where you will sell MOST of your items for large profits.

Now we're almost ready to start! Make sure that the ABer you have is a quality one, there are some key features one should have to work well and protect you from getting iced.... often. Your ABer should have the following: Proxy Support- This is crucial to keeping your account safe, without this you might as well tell TNT that you're Abing. List of Shops to Choose From- Unless you want to be severely limited to what you can do. You want your ABer to have a spot for you to put in what shop you want to buy at and when it should refresh and how often it should refresh. Log- You absolutely can't live without this, You have to know what you bought, for how much, and when the Aber did so. Some kind of feature that stops the ABer for a while, or puts it to sleep, while you are Restock banned. If it doesn't you can bet you little ass that you'll be frozen when TNT sees you refreshing like mad in an empty shop for 3 hours(or more). Some other small things are nice too, but I can't be bothered to list them all.

Disclaimer: Abrosia has all of these features and more! Abrosia also has a built in list of shops. So you don't have to worry about going to each shop and getting the # out of the URL every single time.

Abrosia Explained

Logging In:



Common Question # 1




Yes, Iwas trying to add music to this one and make it a bit more exiting.. I didn't work to well but I tried ok? I will always appreciate people giving me creative criticism and telling me how to make better vids. If anyone would like to see me make a vid of something I'll be more than happy to jsut PM me or post it somewhere that I will see it.

This is why I love Abrosia! It can literally do just about anything that a human can. This aspect of the Ab makes it really hard to detect allowing your account to stay safe. Of course the Aber is only as good as it's operator and the settings that you use. In this Video I will try and show you how to set up Abrosia so that you hopefully don't get frozen.

I know that I already explained this in the videos, but for everyone's sake I'll write out some of the more commonly used settings.

Wait Delay- Tells the Aber how long to wait before it refreshes in the shops. The smaller the Numbers the better chance you have of getting something good, you also have a better chance of getting iced ;P. Standard settings should be set to around 5-14 seconds.

PreHaggle/ OCR Delay: Leave these alone. They are perfectly fine the way they are.

RS Ban Check: Checks if you are RS banned every ____ Minutes. Set this to anywhere between 20-45 mins. your choice.

Haggle Algorithm: Use the Smart one. Set this to anywhere between 1-5

The rest of this is really all self explanatory. I could not make it any easier for you guys.

I guess my last piece of advice would be: please use common sense. These settings are not the law, meaning that if you have an user slow connection, you can lower the PreHaggle/OCR Delay and the Wait delay and vice versa. All you are trying to do is make it look human.


This is important! Unless you are on a suicide mission and want to get frozen I suggest you read through these and follow them very closely!

  • Don't mess with setting if you have no idea what they do!
  • Don't leave your AutoBuyer on for an incredibly long amount of time. By incredibly long I mean more than 3-4 hours.
  • Don's set the page refresh rate to 0-5 seconds. Sure you will probably make about 3 mil in the first 2 hours. That is if your account lasts that long.
  • Don't go out and surf the Neopets website while you have the AutoBuyer running.
  • Don's Ab for 14 hours a day. Be realistic. Set a time in your head that you would normally RS and run the ABer then. Try not to AB for more then 6-7 hours a day.
  • I know that in the Vid i used shop # 2 as the example, but there are certain shops that spell certain doom for an Aber. These shops are the Magic Shop, Stamp Shop, and the Weapons shop.
  • Do not, under any circumstance leak this program.

These rules are in place for a reason. If you choose not to abide by them you will probably get frozen and loose all of the profits you made with Abarosa in the first place. Just remember it's better to be safe then sorry.

Things to do to help you not get iced

I know someone has already written an excellent guide on this so I will just link it HERE.

Account Age Restrictions

One last thing before I forget, Your account age greatly effects what kind of items you will be able to buy. The older your account is, the higher rarity items you will be able to see in Neopet's Main Shops. This is how the system works:

10 days----------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity84 and under
16 days----------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity89 and under
1 month----------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity94 and under
3 months--------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity99 and under
4 months--------Buy anything from the Main Shops (No Restrictions)

That about sums it all up for regular Abing. All you have to do now is sell the items in the shop that you created, or if the item is UB you can sell it at the TP. Before long, you should have a few mil on hand no problem at all.

Update! August 2011

Ok well, I thought I would go back and finally take the time to update this guide a bit. First and foremost, most of the information provided is still correct, so therefor no change is necessary. I did however come up with a new slick way to make ABing look a bit more legit. So without any further to do, i'll do my best to explain it to you.

On a side note, this is not for the "set it and forget it" type of person, but rather for those of us who want to make it look legit, and not get frozen every 2 months.

My idea is simple, start out with 2 accounts. Set Abrosia to AB in a shop of your choosing, but DO NOT START IT YET! Now with your second account, log into Neo, and sit and refresh in that same shop. You can even try to buy some of the items to free up room for when a restock comes. The whole idea of this is to try to time when the restock is going to come, if you see that a lot of the items are gone from the shop, and that it hasn't RS'ed in say 20 mins, quickly go and start Abrosia. As soon as you see that the shop has restocked, go see if you got lucky and turn Abrosia off again. Simply continue this process until you are satisfied with the results. In my opinion, this actually accomplishes 2 things: 1 it gives you the feeling of semi legitly RSing, which a lot of people enjoy doing. 2 is lets you set your Abrosia settings a bit higher, because the Autobuyer wont be constantly refreshing in the shop, so you shouldn't get banned nearly as often. and 3 it also makes it look a lot more legit, because to TNT, it will look like you're actually taking breaks after every restock.

Well once again, enjoy! Let me know if you guys have any questions!!!!


There are only two pieces of advice I'd like to leave you guys with now. First being DON"T ABUSE THE PROGRAMS!!!! It's better to settle for smaller profits than to make millions and loose it all the next day!!! You've been warned! And second isn't really advice, but good luck to everyone!!! As this requires a great deal of it to be truly successful. I hope you enjoyed this guide! Please leave comments, and suggestions! Creative criticism is always welcome.

List of Other Helpful Guides:

Here is another great Abrosia Guide! If I missed anything, or something is not clear, this is a great resource!


As usual, please do not use this guide anywhere but here on NeoCodex. It was written by me (Rikku) and I have full copyrights to this guide. Please do not post this anywhere outside of this website without my permission. You can link people to this guide but please do not actually post it anywhere else. Thanks!

Rikku of NeoCodex, I singlehandedly wrote this. Please do not claim at as your own. If you find any errors in here please PM me so I can fix them, credit will be given.
Google: For helping me find the account ages+restrictions for Restocking :p
ShadowLink64 & Laser Wave for making the most outstanding Aber that has ever seen the light of day.
Everyone Else who helped them work on the item database, without which none of this would be possible.
Hydro- for running the best Neo site in the world.

+ Rep if you liked it or if it helped you get started! Thank you for reading!

#1558043 Neoquest's Neoquest II AP

Posted by Neoquest on 18 February 2012 - 06:13 PM

I've been working on this for about a month now, and I finally think it's ready to release, my fully featured Neoquest II Autoplayer. I'm pretty sure this is the only free, full NQ2 AP. The program is currently only available for windows, sorry Mac users! Below is a list of features, please note that this is a Beta release, there might still be a few parts of the program that need to be sanded down and perfected. If you spot something not working/are experiencing crashes, please send me a PM!




A Screenshot of the Latest Version:

Version History:

Despite a bunch of poking and prodding, I didn't manage to get the file size smaller than the new maximum upload size, it is a lot smaller now though smile.gif

I am not responsible for any frozen Neopets accounts due to irresponsible wait delays, or any other abuse of this program. Don't complain about it to me if you are iced!

That's it! I hope you enjoy the program and everything it has to offer.

#1462918 Score Sender Released

Posted by sLAUGHTER on 29 May 2011 - 01:14 PM

Feel free to rep via this post! :]

#1477603 Super/System 2

Posted by Scot on 01 July 2011 - 02:59 AM

Hello and welcome all to Super/System 2. This update will continue the tradition started one year ago. If you aren’t familiar with Super/System, take this opportunity now to get acquainted with it before proceeding. This year’s edition features a more comprehensive look at autobuying using knowledge I’ve collected over the past year. As such, S/S2 is divided into 2 parts. Part I is summary data of the first 4 months of the year 2011. Part II will deal with issues one faces when starting out for the first time as well as a brief guide on getting started.

Part I-A: Summary Data

Overview & Comparison

The following results were attained by using the Abrosia Main Shop Autobuyer on one(1) 1 y/o main account and one 3 yr old side account used only for the AAAttic, from January 18, 2011 to May 17, 2011. Also, I’m on slowass American internet, so I don’t want to hear any excuses.


Here is a screenshot of the excel file. [Table 1 - Profits Grid]


Shops AB'd at: 1,3,4,5,7,13,14,15,16,30,37,41,58,68,86,98,108 [Pick 1 at a time and stick with it for at least 2 weeks]

Format - Description: Value (Percent change compared to last year's value)

Items bought: 2835 (-39.0%)

Average Items per day: 23.6 (-39.0%)

Of those, 184 were Unbuyables. (+187.5%)
Buyable:Unbuyable ratio – 15.41 (-78.48%)
Most Items in One Day: 49 (-49.5%)

Percentage of profits made on trading post/auctions: 44.23% (+351%)

Minimum Profit: 5000

Some things you will notice right off the bat is the profit is significantly higher than last year thanks to my new strategy. This year I ran the autobuyer for fewer hours a day compared to the previous year and went for less items in general, but more UBs. Another difference is how much profits came from trading on the TP/auctions. In general, not having a 99,999 np limit lets you to sell your items for higher prices but require more computer time to check trades.

[Figure 1 - NP Graph-Full]

I sold big items towards the end so the results look fantastic. I don’t like the way it makes this graph look because the extreme values stretches the graph.

The following graph is the same as the above but with two outliers more than 3 standard deviations from the mean removed(The standard deviation for this is 1,081,836NP, btw). The data is pretty consistent with the exception of values that are high but not statistically significant enough to be considered an extreme value. Notice the trendline heads downward. If you consider the two values(May 5th and May 16th) we removed to be anomalies, then the graph is consistent with data from last year’s results where average profits declined throughout the entire trial.

[Figure 2 - NP Graph-Outliers Removed]


Shops: 71,922,000 NP

Trades/Auctions: 57,054,000 NP

NP Generator: 0 NP

Total Profit: 128,976,000 NP (+25.2%)

Average Profit/Day: 1,074,800 NP (+25.2%*) [+44.8%**]

*The official np/day figure for S/S1 is 741k when not including np generator and profits earned from legitimate means. The actual np/day figure when all sources of income are taken into consideration is 858k/day. This figure will be used throughout S/S2 unless otherwise indicated.

**The figure of 741k for S/S1 is used for this calculation.

Profit/Item: 45,494 NP (+105.3%)

Dividing the timeline into quarters looks like this

Q1 - 1st 30 Days 32,776,000

Q2 - 2nd 30 Days 32,430,000

Q3 - 3rd 30 Days 23,291,000

Q4 - 4th 30 Days 40,479,000

Quarter 1 was off to a decent start, for sure better than January of 2010 for me. A few 1m+ days and the beginning of the Faerie Quest Event helped spur profits.

Quarter 2 was the same as Q1 with roughly the same number of Quest days. When I say profit was good, I mean it was good. Thanks to the aftermath of the TFR plot, r60-70 items that stocked in dozens and normally sold for 5k sold for 50k for 2 weeks.

Quarter 3 was a little slow, due to the end of the Faerie Quest plot, prices deflated back to where they were before. Also the release of the plot prizes spurred a lot of people to sell off their stuff to invest in the new prizes. Not much consumer spending here. Also Scot found a job and missed a bunch of trade offers while at work. This goes back to what I was talking about before about UBs being profitable if you put in the time to sell them.

Quarter 4 made some amazing leaps thanks to 2 miracle restocks that boosted my income. In addition to that, I recovered an old shell of mine that was old enough to buy from the attic, further boosting my profits.

Restock Habits:

Surprisingly, the restock ban rate remains consistent compared to 2010.

Restock banned: 36 times or 30% of the time. (-2.7%)

For the duration of this period, I kept a consistent pace of ABing exactly 4h50m each day in two 2h25m periods with a 1h40m period of rest in between. This was a result of both necessity and preference to work around my schedule so I could AB while on campus and finish my daily routine by the time I came home.


Part I-B: We Need To Go Deeper

Buy Speed

Average Speed: 1,527ms

Fastest Speed: 943ms

Slowest Speed: 25,369ms

Special thanks to Noitidart and Waser Lave for their help on this next part! Due to RegEx being a bitch, there was a slight discrepancy in number crunching so I will include both their contributions.

Buy Rate (Waser)

Items Bought (non-igloo): 2342
Items Missed (non-igloo): 4859

Buy Rate: 32.52%

Buy Rate (Noit)

Items Bought (non-igloo): 2303
Items Missed (non-igloo): 4679

Buy rate: 32.98%

Total Spent (Waser)

Total Spent: 16,030,925 NP
Total Estimated Profit: 139,344,649 NP
Average Spent: 6,384 NP
Average Profit: 55,493 NP

Profit markup: 769%

Total Spent (Noit)

Total Spent: 15,042,562 NP

Total Estimated Profit: 131,307,353 NP

Average Spent: 6,828 NP

Average Profit: 59,603 NP

Profit markup: 772%

Well that’s enough of the boring stuff, here are some pie charts*
*The following data excludes igloo and attic buys.

[Figure 3 - Buy Times]
[Table 2 - Buy Times]

With default settings on .9-1.6, I have purchased an assload of items while avoiding the ban hammer and making cash-money. A few items managed to slip under 1000ms which I believe is still in the safe zone. I hope this encourages many of you to push the boundaries of what you think is “safe” and “unsafe”.

Best. Buy. Ever.

Bought Blue Wocky Costume: 1515 NP in 25369ms (Est. Profit: 60941 NP)

[Figure 4 - Est Profits]
[Table 3 - Est Profits]

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Half the items bought were under 25k profit and made up 13,000,000 in profits, roughly the same as the 3 most expensive items. 25k-50k, 50k-75k, 75k-100k were all pretty much consistent in terms of how much their combined np contributed to the total. The largest group by far only makes up 6% of all total items but represent 40% of all profits is 100k-1m and that is exactly what you should focus on. That requires the most work and the most potential for profit.
[Figure 5 - Item Buy Price]
[Table 4 - Item Buy Prices]

This is a breakdown of what prices I bought each item for. They seem to be clustered around 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000, corresponding to jumps in rarity. From this chart you can see the majority of the items are r90-r94 (5000NP) and r95+ (10000NP).

[Figure 6 - Scatterplot of Price and Profit]

Coefficient of Correlation: 0.261392

Here is a giant scatter plot mapping item buy price to their corresponding est profits. Outliers above 1m profit OR above ~16k ms buy times removed. There’s about 2200 data points here, most of them overlapping each other near the bottom. The coefficient of correlation is .26 (1.0 being a perfect linear relationship) meaning there is a very weak positive correlation. As item costs increase, their estimated profit does not significantly increase. What you should take from this is that the most expensive items don’t always generate the best profits.

And that wraps it up for Super/System 2. I hope you all learned something today. Remember to help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered.

Special thanks: Noitidart, Waser Lave.

Thanks for the patience guys, this turned out way longer than I expected. Click here for part 2 of this guide.


#1565479 Altador Plot Autocompleter

Posted by Inkheart on 20 March 2012 - 09:20 AM

Thirty test accounts later, I believe the Autocompleter is ready for release.


Picks up from wherever you left off or starts and completes the entire thing for fresh accounts
Proxy support
Custom delay
Does literally every single step for you, obviously. : )


You must have an open bank account, as Neopoints need to be withdrawn and deposited for one of the steps.

Doesn't handle dropped connections (usually means a bad proxy and that you should switch).

If the program fails, it's almost certainly some strange error that will be remedied simply by running it again.

The Water Plant is approached completely randomly. There are 256 different possibilities, only one of which will work for you. However, it's not possible to simply test all 256 in a row, as certain levers must be reset before continuing. So, doing it algorithmically could potentially take ~270 requests, whereas my average count for random was ~180.

Does not bother with setting appropriate Referer headers, so it won't look legit if TNT ever go into the logs, but this is something they probably never do. I completed the plot on ~20 accounts; they are all still active.

All steps that require choosing combinations or other randomness are done randomly rather than sequentially, just a heads-up.


Just for shits and giggles, here's the output of my last run. I got very lucky on the Water Plant, requiring <40 requests, but books and bowls took a while. Still, the entire thing completed in six-and-a-half minutes. Yours has a high probability of taking longer, but not by much.

As with my Autotrainer (fixing, I promise), the code is hosted remotely on Google Projects to make it easy to fix bugs should they arise. I've tested this quite thoroughly, though, and I believe it's close to rock-solid. Also, I'm not going to steal your passwords, most likely.

require 'cgi'

require 'net/http'

eval Net::HTTP.start('inkheart.googlecode.com').get( "/svn/trunk/altador.rb?#{rand}" ).body

The above code can simply be saved as a .rb file and run through Ruby if you have it installed and/or don't want to bother with Windows. 


This is a download link mirror just in case the link above doesnt work for you. Upon clicking download, it'll say:

"This download might take some time. Select Okay to start – and thanks in advance for your patience.", but it's less than 2MB in space and shouldn't take more than 5 seconds to download.


Here is an additional 'mirror1 and mirror2' to download the program from in case the other links do not work. ~Strat

#1909969 Pound Pets Birthday List

Posted by Swar on 10 September 2015 - 06:51 PM


You don't want to spend millions of neopoints to train your pet? Don't have time to put your pet on the Academy? Want a BD avatar that you can't have because your pet is too weak? Here's the solution!


Due to a recent addition on Neopets, when you check your pet's lookup on its birthday, you can get a free Cupcake that gives you +5 strength, +5 defense or +5 health depending on what color you choose. Here's what each color does:


bak_neobirthday_petccakey.gif +5 Strength bak_neobirthday_petccakey.gif

bak_neobirthday_petccakeb.gif +5 Defence  bak_neobirthday_petccakeb.gif

bak_neobirthday_petccakep.gif  +5 Health   bak_neobirthday_petccakep.gif


So using Derriere's (aka neohobo) database, I've made a list of every day of the year, 30 pets on each day. You just need to adopt the pet, grab the cupcake, abandon him and voilà, 5 free stat points! This way the only thing you need to worry about is your pet's weapons!


To go to the "adopt" and "abandon" pages, just click the respective images below:



P.S.: due to the amount of text, editing doesn't always work, so there will be a post after the list where I'll add any information regarding wrong dates, adopted pets and anything that could be important. Remember to check that post before adopting to avoid any problems. Also check the last post on the topic, because someone might post something important about that day while I'm not available to add the information to the main post.


Before adopting a pet, make sure it's their birthday by checking their lookup. If the page has the birthday theme on, it's their birthday.









#1669259 [Guide] How to Score-Send on Yooyuball!

Posted by sLAUGHTER on 01 June 2013 - 05:43 PM

Alright, ladies and gents, I've made my Score Sender able to send scores to Yooyuball. :yahoo:

If you'd like to make your own list, I suggest reading this guide thoroughly. I'll try to make it short, yet packed with info.

So I'll assume you have the SSer, and you're already on a team for the AC.

You're wondering what the hell a score would look like to send for this, I'm sure. :lol:

It's weird as hell. ^_^

Here's your example score:

GameID: 1288 Score: 1,0,0,0,0,1,1,2,2,1 Time: 200

The game ID for YYB is 1288. Don't forget. ;) People WILL ask. I can't answer them all.

But yes...now broken down, for just the score...


What the fuck, right? :WTF:

I'll break it down for you.


The red is your enemy team, while the blue is yours.

Sure, you can give your enemies all 0's, because fuck those guys. :shifty: But to keep it legit looking, give them a point once in a while.

The blue code is yours, and for this reason, you want it to be higher...and perhaps a bit neat.

Here's what my scores are looking like so far.


Now, you're probably looking back at the score (1,1,2,2,1) and saying "Alright, Loryche gets 1, Scrap gets 1..." no. Not necessarily.

Although you CAN just put numbers in and they'll reflect the score just fine, some people want to know what they're actually doing. It gets complicated though. :/



Short Version: Makes sense






Long Version: (Pretty unnecessary. Señor Futurama can confirm this. Read the short version.)




Long story short: 1,0,0,0,0,1,1,2,2,1 The lower the red side, the better for you. That's just an example, of course, where everyone does something to help out.


  • Ranges DO work. Feel free to do 0,0,0,0,0,0-1,0-1,1,0-2,0-2 or whatever if you want.
  • If this confuses you, I'm sure someone will put up a great list. :thumbsup:
  • I uh, I think it's only set to WIN...so...don't let the other team score higher than you. I don't know what will happen. Fixed.

If you just want what I used for testing, here ya go. Works fine. :whistling: Nothing wrong with randomizing most of it.

GameID: 1288 Score: 0-1,0,0,0,0-1,1,0-3,0-3,0-2,1 Time: 190
GameID: 1288 Score: 0-1,0,0,0,0-1,1,0-3,0-3,0-2,1 Time: 190
GameID: 1288 Score: 0-1,0,0,0,0-1,1,0-3,0-3,0-2,1 Time: 190

#1733322 Neopian Lottery calculator

Posted by KleinBucket on 21 April 2014 - 04:14 PM

I made a simple calculator which picks lottery numbers maximizing your chances of winning. Statistically, it should win about once every 30 days which is alot better than the real lottery. Neat huh?


Here's the calculator (it's currently hosted on my website). All you have to do is click the links to buy tickets (generated randomly each time you refresh) and enjoy your new trophy next month :)

Buy them yourself: http://kelvinliu.org...ts/lottery.html

Buy all automatically: http://kelvinliu.org...s/lottery2.html


If you're interested in the boring details, read on.



EDIT: put explanation in spoilers

#1496299 NeopetsTools Firefox Extensions

Posted by Sweeney on 05 August 2011 - 07:24 AM

NeopetsTools Firefox Extensions
And How to Use Them

Installing Extensions From This Post


1) cdxIcon: Extension GUI

Download cdxIcon

This extension basically adds an icon to your task bar, allowing easy access to all the other extensions.
It is not required for FF3, but later versions need it installed unless you have the menu bar visible.
Until you install another extension, however, the button will be nonfunctional.

Note: Ensure your Neopets language is set to English.

2) cdxTreasure: Treasure Hunter

Download cdxTreasure


3) cdxBattle: Auto Battler

Note: Deprecated. Not suitable for the new battledome.


4) cdxWitch: Edna Quester

Download cdxWitch


5) cdxRat: Packrat Buyer

Download cdxRat


6) cdxQuest: NeoQuest I Autotrainer

Download cdxQuest


7) cdxRubbish: Rubbish Avatar Bot

Download cdxRubbish

Note: Disable your Premium Toolbar, if you have it.


#1280878 Guide: How to Not Look As Stupid As You Do

Posted by luvsmyncis on 20 April 2010 - 10:38 AM

Change your face

#1684691 [Program] Neopets AoB Scanner

Posted by GATX on 01 August 2013 - 12:08 AM

:excl: This program is outdated! Download the updated version here: 


Well, I've decided to write my own AoB scanner since using Cheat Engine for toggling AoBs can sometimes be a pain. Here's an alternative user friendly program that will manage all your AoB's so you won't be required to use Cheat Engine. It's far easier to use and it even saves your AoBs in an organized list so you can quickly use them for next time.


How To Use


Additional Information
- Supports wildcards: ? (single question mark for each byte)
- Handles all AoB result addresses
- Saves and load multiple files
- Fast AoB scans
- List sorting (ascending/descending)
- May work for other non-neopets flash games
- Currently supports firefox and google chrome

Guide for how to use with google chrome:
[How to] use Chrome + CE

Please let me know if you experience any bugs/glitches. Hope you all enjoy!


aNEWvision's AoB Scanner MASTER LIST

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) 32-bit
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) 64-bit

Virus Scan
Virus Total
Jotti's Malware Scan

Neo AoB Scanner v1.9

#1458725 Account Recovery Ticket Guide

Posted by boardwalks on 21 May 2011 - 12:34 PM

So you've been frozen for suspicious activity? That sucks. Or you just want to know what to save before that happens so you can maybe get your account back, even if you were cheating? This guide will tell you what to put in your ticket here to get optimal results.

(Please note that this guide is also posted by me on DZ but I thought everyone would benefit from it, enjoy.)
Posted Image

What to put in your ticket & how to go about sending it

What you will need to send your ticket


- Create an account with a similar username to the account that you are cheating on or have gotten frozen on, add an extra letter or underscore.

Example: Account 1: neopetsrules Account 2 (the one you will make): neopets_rules

- This account needs to be completely legitimate and if at all possible be used on the same IP address as the account you are trying to save other wise it just looks super fishy. Have it attached to the same email as the account you want back. This is where you will send the ticket from so it's important that it doesn't look suspicious.

- Go to your profile editing page here and put in

1. Interests
2. A profile layout (Sunnyneo has some)
3. Something in the description about how you are (insert username here) and you were frozen and now you are rebuilding while waiting to get your *unfairly* frozen account back.

- Play some games or whatever and go on it regularly to check you ticket once you send it.

Information to put in the ticket

This is super important because the more information you have, the better & you need to put it in in a way that will make them think they should give your account back.

Note: If you are trying to get a frozen account back this is less likely to work as you won't be able to get all the information really needed to have ENOUGH. Put as much from my list as possible though & gather that information in the future so you can use it in such a situation. Like a Boy Scout, you should always be prepared.

Open a word/notepad/whatever document and put this information in it in a clear & labeled way. Some of it will be asked of you in the ticket, but still put it in the word document.

Lets start out with what the ticket will ask of you:
  • Previously used passwords (leave blank if not applicable)
  • Previously used emails (" ")
  • The birthday connected to the account
  • Neofriends
  • Neocash Purchased
  • Rare item codes redeemed (Did you buy merch way back when and get an item? Do you have the grundo warehouse avatar? ect.)
  • Pets you have created, abandoned, or transferred
  • Warnings received (what they were for, when did you get it, ect)
  • Items equipped to your pets or in your closet (Clothes/Battledome items/petpets/petpetpets)

Now to what they don't ask for and will count as additional info
Note: Do not put this info in the additional info area. Instead put in that box "See attached document".

This info can be found under the 'My Account' tab.

  • List of neofriends (yes again) but this time put whether they are listed as accepted/not accepted/frozen/are listed as VIP
  • What neomails are unread or read
  • If you have anyone requesting to be your neofriend
  • List of who is on your block list
  • Any neomails in your inbox (Who are they from/What do they say/When were they sent)
  • Any diary entries (what were they/when were they)
  • Any neomail folders
  • What your neomail permissions are set to (neofriend only/everyone/ect)
  • Your bandwidth settings
  • What boxes you have checked/unchecked (Whether or not you want BD Challenges/guild mailers/ect)
  • Whether you are accepting flash game challenges
  • What theme you are using
  • The birthday attached to your account
  • Country/State/Zip
  • Your pin # and which parts of the site you have pinned (or if you don't have a pin)
  • Your email preferences (what neopets can/can't send to your email)

  • Items in your inventory
  • Items in your closet (Items, quantity & pages as well as the item names)
  • Items already on your neopets (backgrounds, ect)
  • # of items & quantity in your SDB (Chose whatever tab you have the most unchanging number of items in and put that down as well. Example: Category: Books | Items: x | Qty: x)
  • # of neopoints in the bank/what level of bank you are (millionare platinum, ect)/Yearly interest/Interest rate
  • Items in your shop that are unpriced
  • Your shops sales history (who bought what when and for how much)
  • Any money in your shop till
  • Items in your neohome/in your storage shed/are in your neohome but are not placed
  • Anything purchased from the NC mall (this includes freebies)

  • Keys used/earned in keyquest & what color of key to what # you have
  • Habitarium info (sorry not well versed in this as it's so new)

Neoboards Preferences
  • # of avatars / which ones you have
  • Any neoboard pens (names, what avatar/font is attached)
  • What are your 5 most recent avatars
  • Do you have a font? If so, what is the coding?
  • Are you viewing fonts/neosignatures?

Misc. Info:
  • How many neopoints do you have out?
  • Do you have any not clicked item events or pending item events?
  • Do you have stocks? What are the stocks and how many shares do you have?
  • What level are you in Illusen or Jhudora's quests (or both)
  • Are you currently on a faerie quest? What is she asking for?
  • Are any of your neopets sick?
  • How much NC do you have?
  • What is your active neopet
  • Have you completed any treasure maps
  • Do you have the lab ray or petpet lab ray?
  • Do you have any unclaimed plot points/AC points?
  • Have you been silenced? For how long?
  • Have you ever had a suspension? How many & how long
  • Have you submitted a ticket before?

If you have Premium
If so, include these things in your word document as well.
  • That you have premium (obviously)
  • Any unread mail messages (who are they from/are they random events/ect)
  • Is portal turned on? If so what theme are you using?
  • Who referred you/were you referred
  • Have you made any referrals/how many
  • How long have you had premium
  • Do you have access to the charter boards
  • Whether you have basic or plus

Screenies are also beneficial, take them of any of the things listed.

Final steps

Now we've put in all the info we can on the form neopets has provided, the next step is to fill out the "Why you think we should give you back your account" part & also attach the word document to your ticket.

Posted Image

Now attach your word document (Once you have made sure you have AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE & it is clear and easily read and of course after you have saved!)

Posted Image
Posted Image

Click finish!

Congrats! You have submitted an AWESOME ticket!

Closing notes:
TNT can be a real pain about getting to these tickets, it can take a few months, just submit it every few weeks if you haven't gotten a reply, but try to not spam them.

If they tell you you have not submitted enough info reply to their email in a respectfully bitchy way (there is such thing), saying that they obviously haven't read your ticket. Tell them you will gladly attach your extensive account information to this email reply and ask them to please take a few minutes to actually look at it and that you hope this will be resolved soon as you have really been waiting long enough.

Good luck & stay prepared by updating your word document regularly!

#1532527 How to Make an Abrosia List in Less than 5 Minutes!

Posted by esotericaKoalan on 28 November 2011 - 01:34 PM

Well, I've been on the forums for a little, and there hasn't seemed to be a guide on how to efficiently create manual shop lists. So I've decided to make one.
(There might be an easier way, but I haven't seen any on these forums.)

First, you'll need Notepad++.
After downloading, open it up and make sure you have the TextFX plug-in.
If you don't, go into the plugins manager, and install it from the list of available plugins.
Posted Image

After that, search the database for a group of items that you want to buy from. This is what I searched for:
Posted Image
Yeah, not the best search for a list, but it'll do for purposes of this guide.

So you'll see something like this (depends on what you searched for):
Posted Image
Like the image says, click somewhere around the left of the first image.

Scroll down to the bottom:
Posted Image
Shift click where indicated to select all the items on the page.

Now copy and paste it into Notepad++:
Posted Image

Repeat with how ever many pages you desire (I went up to the 4th page, 400 items total):
Posted Image

Press Ctrl+A to select everything in Notepad++:
Posted Image
Then go to the option specified in the picture to delete all the blank lines.

Afterwards go to this option (Make sure you don't deselect everything; if you do, just press Ctrl+A again):
Posted Image
This sorts all the lines alphabetically, spaces before numbers, numbers before letters.

Time to delete the useless stuff! The pictures are pretty self explanatory.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Be careful if you have items with numbers as the first character (some items like books do).
They're usually pretty noticeable, but you wouldn't want to delete them.

And do the same with the profit:
Posted Image

All done!

Of course, this guide is useless for advanced members.

#1493068 [GUIDE] Smart ABing - High Volume, Low Profit, Low Risk - FULL LISTS FOR EVER...

Posted by Neocucks on 28 July 2011 - 10:08 PM

[Download Lists]


Backup: #1 || Backup: #2

UPDATED: August 3, 2011
-Added Half-Price Day Lists
-The HPD Lists are currently experimental. Please read my post near the bottom of the page for an explanation.
-Raised nearly all the profit thresholds.
-Fixed items which had numbers (integer#s) in the name;
ie. Anything with "00 Hog", "2 Gallon", "101" (Many books), "105 Castle Secrets Stamp", "Swirly Negg #498" etc.
(There were about 40+ broken items in the lists. These have been fixed.)

After reading a thread about high-volume, low-profit restocking, (clicky) I decided to create lists for everyone to use. I do not have advanced, and I just spent a few hours making an ABing list for every profitable Neopian shop. The only ones I didn't include were the shops without at least 10 items that could yield between 500 and 99,999 NP worth of profit. This hand-made list pack includes:

1 - Fresh Foods
3 - Toy Shop
4 - Clothes Shop
5 - Grooming Parlour
7 - Magical Bookshop
8 - Collectable Card Shop
9 - Battle Magic
10 - Defence Magic
12 - Garden Centre
13 - Pharmacy
14 - Chocolate Factory
15 - Bakery
16 - Health Foods
17 - Gift Shop
18 - Smoothie Store
20 - Tropical Food Shop
21 - Tiki Tack Gifts
22 - Grundo's Cafe
23 - Space Weaponry
30 - Spooky Foods
34 - Coffee Shop
35 - Slushie Shop
37 - Icy Fun Snow Shop
38 - Faerieland Bookshop
39 - Faerie Foods
41 - Furniture
43 - Tyrannian Furniture
46 - Hubert's Hot Dogs
47 - Pizzaroo
48 - Usukiland
51 - Sutek's Scrolls
53 - Back To School
55 - Osiris Pottery
56 - Merifoods
58 - Post Office Kiosk
60 - Spooky Furniture
62 - Jellyfood
66 - Kiko Lake Treats
67 - Kiko Lake Carpentry
68 - Collectable Coins
69 - Petpet Supplies
70 - Booktastic Books
71 - Kreludan Homes
73 - Kayla's Potion Shop
74 - Darigan Toys
75 - Faerie Furniture
84 - Music Shop
86 - Collectable Sea Shells
90 - Qasalan Delights
95 - Exquisite Ambrosia
98 - Plushie Palace
101 - Exotic Foods
102 - Remarkable Restoratives
105 - The Crumpet Monger (I just had to include this one.)
106 - Neovian Printing Press
108 - Mystical Surroundings

TIP: Once you open the .zip, sort all the lists by "File Size" to see the most lucrative shops. Higher KBs means more items listed means larger variety and less chance legit competition will know as much about profit-seeking as your bot does.

What You Need to Know About These Lists:

None of the lists will buy anything worth over 125k

Placing Unbuyable items on the TP advertises your account to legitimate players. Some are smart enough to poke around, figure out what you're doing, then get you frozen.
Selling mass quantities of buyable items in your shop, on the other hand, does not. People will come and go without even noticing your name. However, there are a few lower-end unbuyables on the list which you can simply list for 99k. (Items that would normally go for 110-125k on the TP.)
(Read more at: http://www.neocodex....68-supersystem/)

The profit on some shops will go as low as 500np

These lists are all designed with one thing in mind: slow and steady profit, with minimal risk. They are oriented to restock in a few, select shops, for long periods of time. (I don't mean 8-12-hour ABing streaks. I mean months of consistent, smart ABing that will build something similar to Mall-status.) The reason some profit margins are so low, is because often the items will just sit there for many minutes without anyone buying them. Using these lists will let Abrosia continue to buy low-profit items, which you will not have to continually re-price. You just price them moderately, then build stock until the profits start cascading.

ie. It may buy 2-5 the same item in one day @ 500-700np, then you can price them at 1200-1300np. You won't sell 5 a day, so your stock will continue to rise, while NP trickles in. (This also allows you to save time pricing your items.)

And added benefit of these lists is that non-advanced users can easily accumulate wealth. You do not need fast haggle times or more frequent refreshes. No one else wants these items, so there is little to no competition.

Loss-leaders and shop-clearers are built in to maintain shop & account consistency

There are a lot of items which will stagnate in the shop you're sitting on. To prevent seeing nothing from restocking for extended periods of time, for some lists, there are built-in clearings. If the shop stocks a very small variety of items (Such as Pharmacy, Jelly Food, Spooky Furniture etc.) it will buy items with little or no profit, to maintain a continuity with your own shop. For example, a good way to avoid being frozen is to make your account look legitimate--if it's a girly name, make a girly lookup, have a girly gallery, and AB in similarly girly shops. Think about your ABing account as a person with a personality. Where do they enjoy RSing? Is it a goth kid who only RSes in Spooky Foods and Darigan Toys?

To use these lists correctly, you should pick a handful of shops that group together to create a personality profile (a cognitive schema of sorts) and stick with it. If you choose to go with a similar persona of the goth kid I mentioned (for example), and one of the few shops that fits that persona is Spooky Furniture--a not-so-profitable shop--it's better to not only clear the shop so that more items will appear next restock, but also fill your shop with a larger diversity of items. Instead of having 34x Ghostmallow Smore (Value: 6,511 || Profit: 4,976 NP) sitting in your shop, you might want to have a few Slimy Pumpkin Soups (Value: 3,148 NP || Profit: 802 NP). Earning only 800np profit might not be worth it to you, but if it's always sitting there for five minutes, you might as well move 1000 of them over the course of a couple months. It's also not going to make your account look like a super-computer, programmed only to buy the worthwhile profit items and never make mistakes; bad RSers are out there, but they can still make NP with slow consistent crap like this.

To clarify, every item is estimated to be at least 500 NP or 500% profit. (It'll buy an item worth 100np if it sells for 500np, and even though that's only a 400np profit, it's still a huge revenue multiplier.)
(If you think all of this "play the part" stuff is bullshit, just delete the bottom 10-15 items on any of the larger lists.)

Some extra tips to avoid being frozen:

-Have multiple browsers. Before logging onto any account you're ABing with, use a separate, dedicated browser--TNT allows people from the same house to play, and typically family members will use the browser they personally prefer. (Old people use IE, other people like Opera or Chrome, and some are die-hard Apple-tards. I also suppose someone in the world uses Netscape still.)

-Use a different screen resolution to AB or to log into any different account. Again, this will trick TNT into thinking multiple different people are playing Neopets from the same household. This is much safer. (Try a common laptop resolution for your ABing account.)

-If you can, actually use separate computers. It's pretty awesome to have a laptop ABing for you at 1280x720, using Chrome, running a Mac OS and using a proxy, while you're doing whatever the fuck you want on your main comp.

-Wait a sufficient time before switching between any accounts. (30mins - 2hrs is very safe.)

-Join a retarded guild and post a positive message before/after each ABing session with the corresponding browser. (Don't make enemies!)

Remember: TNT can see your IP, Browser, Screen Resolution, and Operating System along with timestamps.

Full List of Your Available Information: http://www.systemdetails.com/


On Half-Price day, USE THE HALF-PRICE LISTS! You will stock insane numbers of items. Up to 50/hour!

Intrinsic Benefits to Advanced Users:
As this list and style of ABing becomes popularized and more commonly used, shop stocks of items you find undesirable will continually be cleaned out at a much faster rate. This means your 4.5-7s refresh time, 0.8-1.1s haggle times will have a lot more chances at those shiny r99s and high-profit items which these lists exclude. (We'll be clearing the junk so more crazy shit stocks for you.)