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A Bit of This and That > Winter is here.

Posted 23 June 2016

I have a lot of free times on my hand during this Winter, and I decided to try to watch GoT again. For the third time. Both times I tried I stopped on S01E09. I need to catch up, gdi! Especially after the last episode, because people have been talking so much about it e.e 
So yeah, I have a lot to watch. Good luck, me.

Mining Stories > I've Made a Mistake

Posted 06 February 2015

Tip #6
Never, EVER, grow a sacred rubber tree. NEVER.


I had to use creative mode to destroy that huge ass tree. I should've googled it first.

Mining Stories > Beginning Tips

Posted 06 February 2015

I've made some progress since last time, but this blog won't be about it. It'll be about tips for those who started recently but have no idea of what to do.

Craft a crook. It must be the first thing you do (after crafting the crafting table, of course). Don't break any leaves before you do that, because using a crook increases your chance of getting...

Mining Stories > A(nother) New Start

Posted 03 February 2015

I know, I know, I should be playing that Skygrind map. It got too complicated, and there were some bugs, the space was too small to have a base... I gave up. I'm a failure. I admit it.


I found another Sky Block related map! This time with mods to make it even more interesting! It's called Sky Factory and it's basically a modded Sky Block, but inst...

Mining Stories > A New Start

Posted 24 January 2015

Life is great sometimes.

Not this time, though.

After hours of dedication to the World in a Jar map, with a bunch of challenges done, it got corrupted. I lost everything :D

I'm never playing this again. So I decided to search for another survival map. I found this . There are challenges too, but this is more automated, and you unlock new islands by com...