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10 March 2017 - 11:40 AM

So, it's been more than a month that I'm here, I think it's time to proper introduce myself. 


I'm Grazie/Grazi, a brazilian biology student!  I lived for 9 months in albany - ny and for 4 months in davis - ca. I miss it so much!! Davis is just my kinda town, I really loved riding my bike there when going to college. 


I'm super shy, but I'm trying to overcome that because I want to make more friends here, this seems like a really fun community ^_^  My fav genre is mystery, that includes books, tv shows and games too! (My icon is a character from a REALLY good visual novel that's called Umineko - When They Cry, I highly recommend it.)


I have one husky (his name is Tyrion) and 4 cats (Toinha, Mary, Sapphire and Violet). If you guys want I can include pics of them here.  :p


Oh and I've been playing neopets for 10 years now! I really really love it there since it played a big part in my life. I guess that's it? :o