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Sometimes Rabid Fans Get Out of Hand

Posted by KaibaSama, 13 January 2016 · 255 views

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I'm constantly on fanfiction.net, and after seeing Star Wars, I found another character to add to my list of fangirl crushes. Kylo Ren. So of course, Kylo/OC parings are what I'm reading in the Star Wars archive of fanfiction.net. However, I soon found I had to scroll through a very large mess of non-stories to actually find the real stories. These non-stories were not just non stories though. They were hate. Hate non-stories. The user who put them on the site hates Kylo/OC parings apparently and decided to be a cyberbully and bully the authors of the popular Kylo/OC stories. Which happens to be called: Runaway, The Lies We Tell, To Burn Your Kingdom Down, and possibly some others I can't remember. Every non-story from this user was filled with them swearing at the authors who wrote those stories, calling them horrible names, and then describing what they hated. Sure, describing what you don't like about a story is fine. Except when you do it this way:


Your story sucks so much! You can't even write. It's such a fucking Mary Sue. You need to stop writing you bitch! You can't write for shit!!!! Everyone needs to boycott these terrible stories, because they contain things I don't like!! (Kylo/OC, non-con, abuse..ect)


They constantly did this. And the authors stories started losing favorites and follows because this person kept posting hate about the stories and apparently some people believed them, that the stories sucked, the authors were horrible and promoted rape (the non-con ones). The authors do not promote rape nor do they think it's ok. Fanfiction is just that, FICTION. Just because they may write non-con fiction does not mean they promote rape in real life or think it's ok.


I, and many others, had to keep filing abuse reports on each non-story. And this terrible person always posted two of the exact same ones, just under a slightly different title, the content was the same. Which makes it harder for fanfiction.net to delete them because we have to report both stories, which takes more time.


After a while, it wasn't just hate on stories they were posting. They then started posting PM's the authors had sent them asking them to please stop posting these hateful things against their stories. PM's are called private messages for a reason. They're supposed to be PRIVATE. They then also posted their responses to the PM's they got, a couple of which mentioned the author's family, where they lived, what job they had...ect. Those looked something like this:


Authors name
Does you husband know you post this? Bet he wouldn't stay with you if he knew you posted this kind of stuff with Kylo Ren.


Authors name
You're a nurse and you post this stuff. You must be a pretty horrible nurse if you spend your time posting this. (basically saying they don't do their job because they spend too much time posting stories for people to read). You live in Jamaica and it's so obvious because your grammar is terrible and you can't write at all. You need to stop writing this shit.


Authors Name
HAHAHAHH!! No, I'm not going to stop. Your OC is a Mary Sue and I'm going to make sure no one reads it!! HAHAHAH!!


Imagine having to scroll through 4 or more of these a day when you're just looking for stories to read. And having to file abuse reports on all of them. They finally apologised in another non-story, saying they were jealous of what one of the authors wrote because they couldn't write like that, that they shouldn't have spread such hate just because they didn't like OC stories, and that even if an OC is a Mary Sue they had no right to post such things about the story. An apology is nice, but apparently they're 26. They should have known better than to cyberbully and harass people for writing things they don't like from the start. Jealously, and not liking something does not excuse a bully. Ironically, they actually plagiarized about 4 of the stories they claimed they hated too. They also impersonated a number of the authors, just by adding an extra "i" in the name. So chewiewookie turned into chewiiewookie.


They stole things, insulted and bullied people just because they don't like anything that isn't Kylo/Rey. As many fans have said, if they hate things that aren't the pairing they like, they are not a true Star Wars fan. Sure, people can dislike things, but spreading hate because you don't like it is not the mark of a true fan. A true fan respects others and what they write, even if they happen to not like the pairing or the actions in the story (non-con, abuse..ect). A true fan can acknowledge that there are other pairings possible with a character than just the one you like.


And I just learned they did this same thing a year and a half ago. Left an underhanded apology, but just repeated the same action a year and a half later.


I had to rant on this. I got so tired of seeing those "stories" every day and having to scroll past them just to find something worthwhile to read.

Oh wow. That person definitely has way too much time on their hands. The guise of anynonymonymonmousimity brings out the worst in some people, but this doesn't exactly sound like healthy behaviour. And it makes me feel so sorry for the authors who pore their heart and soul into their stories and then run into people like this.

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