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Welcome to the Dark Side > My Very Bad Kinda V-Day Poems

Posted 14 February 2017

So I got bored in class and decided to write a whole bunch of Star Wars themed really bad V-day poems. They're in the theme and poetic style of the classic "roses are red" poems but I wouldn't directly call them love poems. I'd give the names of who the poem is for, but I think it's pretty obvious.

  My suit is Black
I'm on the attack
My Kids t...

Welcome to the Dark Side > I'm all out of Holiday Cheer

Posted 13 December 2016

Be warned: I'm ranting and venting again because I don't have anyone to rant and vent to in person who can give me a hug. It seems odd, but I can't stand confrontation so I tend to just give up really easily, which makes it seem like I'm being really nice. I don't want to be nice, I don't like b...

Welcome to the Dark Side > Dream/Self-Esteem Smasher

Posted 26 November 2016

Warning: I'm ranting and venting at the same time. Contains mental health issues. Proceed with caution! (Also, trigger warning!) All because I don't want to go to a movie with my mom (I'm 20. I'd rather go with friends). She couldn't understand why I didn't want to go to a movie with her. She talks during them (though she constantly insists she doesn...

Welcome to the Dark Side > Year Two: Mental Break Down Time

Posted 26 October 2016

Our professors can set up "beacon alerts" for us to tell us we're failing a class or close to failing. I just got one from my shitting calc professor, saying that I had a D-. I calculated my grade just last night, out of 400 points we've had so far (55/100, 53/100, 95/100, and 88/100. Explain to me how that adds up to a D-). , and got a 72%. I was confuse...

Welcome to the Dark Side > Monlouge

Posted 04 October 2016

I have a basic acting class I needed a monologue for, and of course, I decided on Kylo Ren. Problem was, he didn't have just one scene with enough dialogue that would meet the 2-3min requirement, so I had to combine all of his scenes in episode 7. Then the issue was there was too much dialogue from other characters to just copy and paste, so I had to make...